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Offering professional hypnosis programs, including hypnosis for weight loss and hypnotherapy sessions that fit your unique needs. Specializing in weight loss issues, addiction, self-confidence, sleep disorders, guided meditations, and stress management.  


Distinctive services in age regression therapy, pre-birth hypnosis, past life regression hypnosis, and interim state hypnosis. In-person and online hypnosis programs available.

Discover The Amazing Benefits of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Discover our hypnotherapy and hypnosis programs.  We offer hypnosis for weight loss and expert hypnosis programs that give you proven results.  You will obtain tremendous results!


We offer in-person hypnosis sessions at our Wexford counseling office near Pittsburgh, PA and virtual/online hypnosis sessions throughout the world.  We are here to make hypnosis and hypnotherapy an easy, convenient, and affordable option for those seeking an alternative approach to wellness.


Our Hypnosis Programs and Hypnotherapy sessions are designed to give you long-lasting, beneficial results.  We offer hypnosis, hypnotherapy, age regression hypnosis, past life regression hypnosis, pre-birth hypnosis, and interim state hypnosis sessions.  We specialize in hypnosis for weight loss and offer a unique 6 session program to get you started on your weight loss journey.


We are highly skilled and provide exceptional, professional services.

Offering you uniquely crafted hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions that are geared to help you overcome your problems, simply and easily. Whether you want to lose weight (hypnosis for weight loss), stop smoking, overcome an addiction, obtain restful sleep, or figure out why you do what you do, our hypnotherapist can help you achieve your goals. 

Our expertly licensed hypnotherapist can assist you with overcoming obstacles, get unstuck, gain more confidence, stop an addiction, get restful sleep, or lose weight with simple and easy methods that deliver excellent results. We offer specialized Hypnosis Packages for Weight Loss, Sleep Disorders, Addictions, Stress Management, and so much more. 


Magnificent Benefits That Will Transform Your Life

We offer hypnosis packages and individualized hypnosis sessions to suit your unique issues and goals. 

We provide exceptional service and look forward to working with you.  

You will be working with a highly trained hypnotherapist who has completed certification in the field of hypnosis, age regression, pre-birth regression, past life regression.  Your hypnotherapist is an expert and a qualified professional, which means you will receive outstanding service.  As an added benefit,  you can add mental health counseling to assist you with processing your thoughts and feelings during and after you hypnosis sessions.  Always assisting you every step of the way, helping you to understand and explore what have discovered during your hypnosis or hypnotherapy session.


Providing professional, confidential, and outstanding service. 

Explore Our Hypnosis Services

Proven results for a healthy life

Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Weight loss through hypnotherapy is an ideal way to lose weight and keep it off.  Easily and safely lose weight and improve your well-being with hypnosis for weight loss. Hypnosis for weight loss is designed to help you lose weight naturally, without fad diets, weight loss medications, weight loss injections.  Weight loss through hypnotherapy is all natural and proven to give you long lasting freedom from those unwanted pounds. 


Hypnosis for weight loss is a proven method of weight loss.

Hypnosis for weight loss is a great way to lose weight and keep the weight off for good. No need for bariatric surgery or weight loss injections.


We offer a successful hypnosis for weight loss program and a 6 session weight loss plan to get you to your desired weight. 

Weight loss doesn’t have to be hard.  We all know “diets” are short-term weight loss gimmicks that just don’t work.  Surprisingly, for long lasting weight loss, you must address the issues that hold your weight in place. Which is why we offer hypnotherapy and weight loss therapy. Hypnosis for weight loss, along with mental health counseling, is proven to keep the weight off. 


You will lose weight, make lasting changes in your behavior, and live a healthy, satisfying life.  

Please contact us to discover how hypnosis for weight loss can help you lose weight and feel fantastic. It is simple and easy to get started now.


Hypnosis For Weight Loss

weight loss through hypnotherapy

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a proven and easy way to stop smoking for good.  One of the best things you can do for your health is to stop smoking.  Hypnosis for smoking is a safe and effective way for you to stop smoking now.  Discover the many benefits of hypnosis, contact us now to learn more.  Your free phone consultation awaits.


You will achieve long-lasting results with our successful quit smoking with hypnosis program.

Quitting smoking is one of the most important actions you can take to improve your health.  When you use hypnotherapy to stop smoking you are immediately enhancing the quality of your life.  Quitting smoking is the single best way to protect yourself and your family members from the health risks associated with smoke.


Reduce your risk of death from heart disease, lung problems, and premature death, contact us today. 
best way to quit smoking

Sleep Hypnosis

Professional help for restful sleep.  Enjoy a good night’s sleep with sleep hypnosis.  Sleep hypnosis will give you a deep, restful sleep every night because you will awake feeling rested, focused, and energized. 


We offer a proven method of hypnotherapy that will give you quality sleep night after night. Discover the benefits of sleep hypnosis so you can achieve restful and enjoyable sleep.  

sleep hypnosis

Hypnosis For Anxiety

Hypnosis for anxiety and hypnotherapy for anxiety are highly effective ways to manage stress symptoms, relieve anxiety symptoms, and develop good self-care habits that promote health and well-being.


Hypnotherapy for anxiety is safe with proven results for stress relief.   Too much stress can severely affect your quality of life.  Find out how relaxing and enjoyable your life can be without stress and discover the benefits of relieving stress and anxiety with hypnosis.


Live a stress free life now.
hypnosis for anxiety

World-Class Results With Outstanding Benefits

Resolve any of your issues with hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  Our expert hypnotherapist is skilled to assist you in overcoming any of your problems.  Please contact us now and you will receive a beneficial free no-obligation consultation to discover if hypnosis and hypnotherapy are right for you.

Move forward with your life and explore the many benefits that hypnosis has to offer you.  We offer in-person hypnosis sessions near Pittsburgh, Pa and virtual hypnosis sessions to fit your busy schedule.  Discover the many benefits of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. 


Contact us now for a free no obligation phone consultation.

Regression Hypnosis Programs

Discover Your Limitless Potential

Hypnosis Is How You Gain Clarity And Enrich Your Life

Gain clarity and a deeper understanding of yourself with one of our regression hypnosis sessions.  Our experienced hypnotherapist has helped countless individuals explore the possibilities of all life has to offer.  Age regression therapy, past life regression hypnosis, and pre-birth regression is safe and offers many benefits that will improve your life.  Discover the regression hypnosis programs that we offer and do not hesitate to schedule a free introductory phone call.

Age Regression Hypnosis

Age regression therapy can help you deal with stress and the rigors of daily life. Age regression treatment is a type of therapy in which you are encouraged to access and relive your memories by reverting to a younger state of mind. A trained hypnotist or mental health therapist can induce age regression hypnosis or age regression hypnotherapy.
In clinical therapy, age regression can be utilized to help you recover from trauma. You and your therapist can work together to overcome trauma and difficult events by encouraging you to reflect on your early memories.

Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Open your mind to the possibilities of eternal life and reincarnation.  Past Life Regression Hypnosis is about discovering the possibilities that you may have had lives prior to this one and exploring how your current life situations could be a result of past life experiences. Past Life Regression is a discovery process that can be critical to personal transformation.  Your sessions will be guided by a Certified Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist.


The effects of a past life can manifest throughout your current life in many ways including phobias, self-limiting beliefs, physical ailments, or deja vu moments. For no apparent reason in this life you might be experiencing fear, anger, or low self-esteem or you may feel strongly drawn to certain people, places, or objects for no obvious reasons. 


A Past Life Regression session will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and help you to understand and clarify things that have been troubling you throughout your life.  Our experienced Past Life Regression Therapist has helped countless individuals explore the possibilities of eternal life and the expansion of the soul. 


Past Life Regression Hypnosis is a way to experience one of your past lives, and learn more about who you are now.  Discover the many journeys of your soul and explore how your past lives and current life meld together for your soul expansion.  Past Life Regression Therapy is an excellent way for you to learn more about yourself and expand your spiritual evolution.


Contact us now to learn how beneficial a Past Life Regression Session can truly be!

Pre-Birth & Interim State Hypnosis

Do you want to connect with past loved ones, or meet with a spirit guide? Are you looking to connect more deeply with your intuition?

Connect with the wonderful world of spirit.  Pre-birth Hypnosis and Interim State Hypnosis allow you to connect with your spirit guides, your higher self, your future self, or passed loved ones in a safe, comfortable environment.  Explore this soothing journey of discovering your soul’s existence before emergence into physical form.  Contact us now to work with an experienced certified hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis Services

Superior results you need for an improved life.

The total cost of your hypnosis or hypnotherapy sessions will depend on the type and reason you are seeking hypnosis or hypnotherapy.  Insurance may cover the costs of your sessions, if used in combination with mental health counseling.


Please choose us to discover how good your life will be.

We adhere to high standards and provide price transparency to reduce your uncertainty,  because we are certain our services will add value to your life. 

Please contact us to learn how hypnosis can help you.  Listed below are select sessions and packages for using hypnosis.  Please select one for further information but if you do not see your reason for seeking hypnosis please contact us.  We provide individualized hypnosis sessions for your unique needs.  We offer hypnosis for any type of addiction, fear/phobia, depression, self-confidence, imposter syndrome, and so much more.  Price per 60-minute session is $98. Don’t hesitate, contact us now.

Hypnosis for weight loss is a proven and effective method of losing weight. Safe, simple, and non-invasive way to keep the weight off.  Contact us to learn more about our hypnosis for weight loss package or single sessions and to get started.  Price per single session is $98

Kick the habit of smoking.  Hypnosis offers many benefits to assist you to stop smoking.  Contact us to learn more.  Price per session is $98 

Hypnosis is an effective way to relax and focus the mind. Hypnosis is used to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, improve your mood and help with depression.  Contact us to learn more.  Price per session is $98

Sleep hypnosis is the use of hypnosis to address sleeping problems. The goal of sleep hypnosis is is to change negative thoughts or habits related to sleep so that you can sleep better.  Price per session is $98 

Currently all group classes and workshops are held via online Zoom meetings.  Class minimum will be 4 attendees, so bring a friend! The fee for each class is $25. Please contact us for more information and times.

A Past Life Regression session is a life changing experience.  This work is a powerful way to release the past, to explore your personal or spiritual path.  Please contact us to learn more about our past life regression package.  Price per package is $559 which includes 3 sessions (time per session varies).

Age regression is based on the idea that problems and conflicts that are within the mind may have origins in past experiences, traumas, or memories.  Price per 2 session package is $196 (time per session varies).

Pre-Birth regression refers to moving a client back through time to re-experience before and during their existence in the womb.  A powerful discovering experience.  Price per 2 session package is $299 (time per session varies).

This is deep internal work for personal, spiritual growth and development.  Explore issues and questions about your life’s path, which may include discovering your life plan, explore relationships, patterns, health, work, spiritual growth, and challenges in your life.  Please contact us to learn more about our past life regression package.  Price per package is $559 which includes 3 sessions (time per session varies).

A hypnotherapist is a licensed professional that helps their patients to overcome a mental or physical condition, such as trauma and addiction, through hypnosis. To schedule an appointment please contact us.  Price per individual session $125 (session time varies). Certain insurances may cover hypnosis when treated by a licensed clinical mental health professional.  Hypnotherapy services offered in Ohio and Pa.

An exceptionally savvy way to save and reap the benefits of hypnosis.  For a limited time purchase 3 single sessions and receive a %15 discount (total cost $249).  Contact us to get started now.

Hypnosis For Weight Loss Program

Introducing a targeted approach to weight loss.

Hypnosis For Weight Loss Program

This is simply the best way to easily lose weight and keep it off.
Our hypnosis for weight loss program is designed to help adults achieve their weight loss goals with a simple and proven weight loss method. Hypnosis for weight loss is an easy to follow, six session weight loss program that gives you superior long-term weight loss results. This program is an outstanding way to lose weight without weight loss injections, bariatric surgery, weight loss medications, fad-diets, or excessive exercise plans.


When was the last time I did something truly good for myself?

This highly effective weight loss program uses hypnosis to help you achieve superior weight loss results. During this six session program you will discover the underlying reasons that keep you overweight.

Stop emotional eating/ relieve stress
Stay motivated/limit setbacks
Stop cravings/eat healthy
Stop overeating/awareness eating
Stop your bad habits/boost your metabolism

Created by a licensed mental health hypnotherapist. You will achieve long lasting weight loss.

Discover how to love and accept yourself and your size after the first session. You will learn helpful ways to challenge unwanted thoughts and feelings, and develop a healthy, loving, long lasting relationship with food – no diet pills or surgery necessary!


Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Start your weight loss journey today!

This exceptional and transformative package will lead you toward long lasting freedom from dieting and emotional eating. This six session hypnosis for weight loss package consists of six sessions developed to challenge and motivate you. Contact us to learn more and book your first session in this powerfully transformative weight loss series.

Price per package is $489.