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You will get superior results as you meet your realtionship and dating needs.

Proven long-lasting results for a healthy relationship. Discover how quickly you can make progress in your marriage, relationship or dating life.  We provide structure as you get results.  Our coaching allows for direct feedback and change.  Discover how fulfilling a healthy, supportive, loving relationships can be.  We offer individualized support and structured packages for personalized results.

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“Dating can be frustrating, but having a Relationship Coach can make you stand out and fulfill your dating goals better.”


We provide personalized relationship coaching that gives you direct access to your professional relationship coach.  Our dating and relationship coach is a licensed professional counselor who specializes in helping people like you.  We work with all relationship types.  Whether you are new to dating, in a committed marriage, or starting over after a divorce, we can help you with your relationship needs.  Please don’t hesitate to get started now.


This Is What Happens When You Work With A Superior, Professional Dating Coach

We Give You Unbiased Guidance


We are here to give you professional, unbiased guidance that supports your desires.  

Many people turn to their close friends for a source of dating and relationship advice.  Most of the time, your friends or family are pushing for you to find someone.  They play matchmaker and search for people you should date.  This is troublesome because your friends are invested in the outcome of your relationship. 


For example, your friend may have a sister who has been single for a while and your friend wants to help you and their sister, so they exaggerate what you have in common to get you two together. If that relationship doesn’t work you may take longer to end the relationship since you don’t want to upset the friend who brought you together. That’s why having us on your side is beneficial.


We Assist You in Developing Great Communication Skills That Will Improve Your Relationship.


Some people have no problem getting dates but flounder once they’re on a date with someone. You may feel shy or awkward when you first meet someone.  Having meaningful, entertaining conversation is one of the most important parts of dating. The benefits of our dating coach services is that we provide superior guidance for starting a conversation when you or your date go silent.  We go beyond small talk and encourage you to start meaning conversations with your date.


We Boost Your Confidence. 


Chances are since you are seeking a dating coach your dating life is not working.  You’re not sure why or what you should do to improve your situation.  We offer expert guidance for you to change your dating strategies and become more confident.  A dating coach can help you break out of your comfort zone and help you avoid the pitfalls you have been experiencing.  We support you in boosting your confidence with simple and effective methods that will make you stand out in a crowd.


We Get You Unstuck and Move You Forward.

We help you get in touch with what you really want in a relationship.  Sometimes in relationships and dating, we fall into patterns that are no longer useful. If you feel like you keep picking the same type of person, you may want to consider that there is a pattern that is at work.  You may be unconsciously doing it but discovering a dating or socializing habit that doesn’t work is something  you need to do so that you begin to find more compatible dates.


Many people don’t recognize their negative dating or relationship patterns, and if you don’t know them, you can’t change them. When you hire us as your dating coach, we will help you identify patterns that are holding you back from a loving relationship.  Once we discover your negative habits we will work toward breaking them and start using positive, healthy dating habits that better serve you. 


Authority With On-line Dating Profiles and Etiquette.


Many people seek out dates online, creating a good virtual dating profile is essential to attracting the type of person you want to meet.  There are many aspects to creating an on-line profile that will keep someone engaged enough to contact you.  As your dating coach, we will professionally create an online dating profile that helps your profile to stand out. 


We Give You Honest Feedback.


We will give an honest, non-biased view of your date. We are a valuable ally in analyzing the dates you go on. You can talk to your dating coach about how things went and get honest feedback about your dates’ qualities. The feedback will be honest, professional and supportive to your desires.  Having a dating coach during the first several dates is useful because they will help you to understand that there are particular relationship red flags to avoid. Being able to spot them early in the relationship will prevent long-term heart ache.  


We Support You and Will Not Let You Settle for Less Than What You Want.


We work with many different people in different life stages.  We support you with your life stage and desire for a relationship.  We help you look for important qualities in potential dates. We assist you in picking quality partners by knowing what traits you should aim for and helping you to avoid “settling for less.” Certain qualities make a big difference, but you may not recognize them without a dating coach.


Helping You Improve Your Current Relationship.


We are relationship experts.  We advise that you keep dating alive in your relationship.  Having a dating coach can help you move out of a stagnant and stale relationship.  We encourage you to keep dating your partner.  This will ensure that you have a lively,  happy long-term relationship. 


We provide exceptional relationship coaching and dating coaching for everyone seeking to establish and improve their relationships.  


Don’t let your romantic life dull out.  A dating coach can be extremely helpful for established relationships. A dating coach can help you find the spark and restore the romantic energy again. 


Improve your love life now. Contact us now for expert, professional dating and relationship coaching.  We offer in-person and convenient virtual appointments.  

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Unique Benefits of Relationship Coaching

Facts about Relationship Coaching

Who is Relationship Coaching designed for?
What are the benefits?

A Vibrant and Simple Approach to Developing the Relationship of Your Dreams


We have helped many people improve their relationships and dating skills.  All couples and individuals can benefit from working with our relationship coach even if your relationship is going well.  This is the time when you want to strengthen your bonds and enhance your communication.  Everyone can benefit from making improvements in their relationships. 


We offer a simple approach to relationship coaching.  You can work by yourself or with a partner.  We provide beneficial results that can help rekindle or re-energize your relationship.  Many couples rediscover the love they have for each other and the desire for connection and intimacy.  Further benefits of relationship coaching include learning how to communicate, setting healthy boundaries, and developing a rewarding life together.


Our relationship packages are designed to give you immediate and long-lasting results.  You will receive actionable direction that you can put in place to achieve instant quality improvement within your relationships.  Discover how exciting your relationship can be and go from good to great in a matter of 12 weeks. 


We offer the following packages that are perfect for building and sustaining a healthy and satisfying long-term relationship.

We adhere to high standards and provide price transparency to reduce your uncertainty.  Our services add value to your life. 


Individual Session for Relationship Coaching or Dating Coach

Individual, confidential Relationship Coaching sessions or Dating Coach sessions.  Ideal for clients who want to focus on relationship issues on an as needed basis.   Great for confidence boosting, dating skills development, learning healthy boundaries, and individualized support.


Individual Session – 45 minute session (Virtual or In-person)

The charge per session is $125, paid in full prior to your first session. 


Bundle your sessions and save more!

3 Individual sessions – $339 (average 10% savings)

Get started now, a loving relationship awaits.

Couples Relationship Coaching Package

This package is designed for people who are in a committed relationship, married couples, or life-long partners.

Most couples tend to develop issues once the honeymoon phase subsides.  After some time, couples lose touch with one another, and the relationship declines.  The goal of this package is to help the couple regain a connection and develop deeper intimacy.  Your relationship coach will assist you with a strength-based, supportive approach so you can learn how to sustain a healthy relationship and re-energize a long-term relationship.  This package offers outstanding results that are immediately attainable. 


Couples Relationship Coaching Package

This relationship coaching package is a 12-week program.

  • 12 Individual Sessions (45 minutes per session)
  • In-person or Virtual
  • Unlimited email and text support
  • Weekly progress tracking
  • Individualized for your relationship goals and desired outcomes.

The charge for this package is $1860, paid in full prior to your first session or instalment payments may be arranged. Please contact us for more information.

Individual Dating Coach or Relationship Coaching Package

This package is designed to help singles learn dating skills and develop healthy relationship patterns.  You will learn healthy dating skills, how to engage in online dating, overcome barriers that prevent you from developing a relationship, healthy boundaries, dating self-confidence, and so much more.  This package centers around your goals. 


Individual Dating Coach Package

  • 12 Sessions (45 minutes per session)

  • In-person or Virtual

  • Unlimited email and text support

  • Individualized to meet your needs

  • Healthy relationship resources

The charge for this package is $1860, paid in full prior to your first session or instalment payments may be arranged. Get started now.

Monthly Relationship Coaching Support

Individual, confidential weekly phone support with your Relationship Coach or Dating Coach.  Ideal for clients who have completed a 12-week relationship package.  This monthly support package will give you access to your relationship coach throughout the month for extra support and to assist you when the need arises. 


Monthly Support Program

  • 20-minute weekly support phone telephone call

  • Unlimited email support

  • Individualized Relationship Support

  • Healthy relationship resources

The charge per month is $259, paid in full.  Autorenewal available. Get working on a great relationship.  Start now.

Relationship Coaching FAQ

You will achieve outstanding long-term benefits.

A relationship coach is a trained expert who helps individuals and couples navigate through problems in their relationship.  The benefits of having a relationship coach is to ensure the relationship becomes stable, secure, loving, and holistic. Relationship coaches assist couples and individuals throughout life.  We offer confidential individual relationship coaching sessions and relationship coaching packages to fit your needs. 

We know relationships are unique and personal.  That is why we do not offer a one-size-fits-all process.  We explore your needs and goals for your relationship.  Whether you want to improve your relationship skills or empower your relationship, we work one-on-one with you to provide you with unique personalized service.

Relationship Coaching offers a great option for those who aren’t open to more traditional forms of marriage counseling or counseling sessions. Our Relationship Coaching is private, confidential, and offers less stigma than traditional forms of marriage and relationship counseling.  We offer private and secure in-person and virtual Relationship Coaching and Dating Coaching services.

We care about you and your needs.  You will be working with a licensed professional who is skilled in all areas of relationship therapy.  The unique benefits of our relationship coaching include a personalized and adaptable path toward a long-lasting relationship.  We are skilled professionals who understand relationships, marital concerns, and the ever-changing dynamics of dating.  We provide individualized service are easily adapt to your needs.  Let’s enhance what’s working and explore ways to improve what you came to address.


Our Relationship Coaching is self-directed.  We provide a non-judgmental environment for you to be honest and open about what you need for your relationship to succeed.  We encourage you to take control of your life.  We empower and motivate you throughout your journey.  We provide you with skills that foster self-resilience such as communication skills, healthy boundary setting, and so much more. Contact us to learn more.

Absolutely.  It is easy to get started with Relationship Coaching.  We offer a straightforward approach, up front pricing with no hidden fees.  Our services provide less stigma than traditional marital counseling programs.  We offer service that can be done privately from the comfort of your own home.  We offer in-person or virtual coaching sessions.  Contact us now to get started.

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Deepen intimacy and develop a connection. 

Create healthy, fulfilling, and lasting relationships. 

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