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EMDR Intensive Therapy

Accelerate your healing process and enjoy the many benefits of EMDR Intensive Therapy.  EMDR Intensives offer you faster healing in a shorter amount of time. While therapy is typically provided in weekly one-hour sessions, EMDR intensives are extremely focused sessions that last 4-6 hours per day for 3-5 days. You are able to concentrate entirely on recovery, development, and long-lasting improvement with the help of this structure.

EMDR Intensive FAQ

Providing You The Support Needed To Make An Informed Decision

EMDR Intensives typically occur in 3–6-hour blocks of time over the course of 3-5 days. When you meet with a therapist for your virtual consultation, they will make a recommendation for the layout of your intensive treatment.

EMDR Intensives may also be scheduled for individuals engaged in weekly counseling that could benefit from intensive treatment on a specific issue or symptom.  Your individual therapist can make this clinical recommendation if they determine it would help you.

Research demonstrates that EMDR intensives are as effective as weekly therapy. However, intensives allow you to condense treatment down to one week instead of attending weekly therapy for an extended period of time.

We offer a free virtual or telephone consultation to determine if EMDR Intensive or EMDR Therapy would be a good treatment option for your specific needs.

Due to the structure of treatment and limitations of insurance plans, EMDR intensives are not currently covered by medical or mental health insurance.  However, we offer affordable pricing for single EMDR Intensives and work shop packages.


If you are interested in utilizing your medical insurance weekly EMDR therapy is covered by insurance and we accept insurance. Please contact us to learn more.

EMDR Intensives are typically offered in a customized format ranging from 15-30 direct hours over the course of 3-5 days. Your therapist will create a personalized plan with a cost estimate during your free virtual consultation.

EMDR Package Price List

EMDR Intensives

EMDR therapy offers promising results and is backed by extensive scientific research.  EMDR therapy is highly effective for treating the following mental health disorders:
  • Intensive Trauma-Focused Treatment for PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Intensive EMDR to Treat Patients With Complex PTSD
  • Effective Treatment of Veterans With PTSD
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