Life Coaching for Men

Expert Life Coaching That Will Make You Reach Your Full Potential
life coaching for men

Life Coaching for Men

What exactly is life coaching for men?

Life coaching for men is geared to help you navigate life’s challenges.  Most men seek life coaching to improve their life – career development, enhance relationships, gain confidence, boost their well-being, or improve their communication.

Men can discuss personal and professional matters in a relaxed office environment or virtually.  Our life coaching services are offered at a secure and private setting where confidentiality is strictly enforced.

Set yourself up for success by learning how to manage stress, focus your attention, find a work-life balance, increase your confidence, and discover a sense of purpose.

Our life coaching for men is tailored to you.  This is not a one-size-fits-all life coaching program.  Geared toward your personal goals -gain the advantage where it matters, whether it is in a job change, improve your personal life circumstance, or reconnecting with your core values. I am here to assist you in reaching your life goals.


Be the man you want to be!

Stop going it alone.  Together, with my support and guidance, you will create a strong point of attraction, deepen your connections, and create a successful mindset that is geared to your goals. and developing life satisfaction.

When we work together, one of the first things you’ll notice is that your self-awareness and self-confidence will increase dramatically.  My style of life coaching comes from the perspective of self-empowerment and self-enrichment.  Your satisfaction, your drive, and your motivating factors must all come from within you.  I believe your dreams are achievable.  Once you begin to shift your focus from outward to inward, and reconnect with your inner strength, all things are possible.  

Life coaching for men

Even a strong man needs some assistance sometimes.

Life Coaching for Men

What are your life coaching goals?

Leading Others

Lead with confidence, inspire, empower yourself and others. Improve communication and enhance your focus.

Work Life Balance

Enhance your well-being.  When you feel your best, you do your best.  Find purpose and satisfaction with your life.

Fine Tune

Fine tune your ability to communicate with others.  Be present, improve your listening skills, and accomplish more.

1:1 Coaching

Life Coaching for men - individual sessions, are individually structured to meet your unique needs for life coaching. Our life coaching is especially designed to meet the unique needs of men. You will receive private and confidential sessions directed to your specific desires and areas of expansion. Are you a man ready to discover your unlimited potential? Book a free discovery call so, we can learn more about one another. Initial fee: $199 then $155 per session

Extended Coaching

Individual programs designed for men wanting more accountability and who are committed to a longer program. Life coaching programs for men consist of a 3-month commitment that includes the following benefits: intact/wrap-up session, 6 x 60-minute life coaching sessions, supportive text/email/voice check-in, accountability, and directed work toward your specific goals. Investment: $1599
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Work Shops & Groups

Sharing a message of inspiration and hope with group talks and virtual workshops. You will feel inspired and supported as we explore balance, self-acceptance, and challenge the negative beliefs that prevent you from becoming the person you want to be. Contact me to discover more so, you can start creating the life you want to live. Your group will learn skills to increase confidence, improve communication in a supportive environment.

About Me

As your life coach, I take great satisfaction in encouraging, inspiring, and supporting you to become the man you truly want to be. I am passionate about working on your unique issues! As a professional life coach, I provide individualized instruction and do not offer a “one-size-fits-all” program.


I respect your privacy, offer unbiased support, and am nonjudgmental. Every new life coaching client goes through a comprehensive life coaching assessment, creates a personalized plan with clear objectives, learns coping mechanisms, receives life coaching assignments, and gets candid feedback throughout your life coaching journey. I am professional trained in motivational interviewing which will assist you in overcoming mental barriers, enhancing your self-worth, and accomplishing your objectives.


Since my approach to life coaching is simply, if it benefits you then keep doing it.  So, that is why I permit monthly installment options and discounted rates for longer-term engagements because successful coaching necessitates a time and resource investment plus I want you to succeed.

Please note:  healthy individuals who are self-motivated should seek coaching. Please note that life coaching is not mental health counseling.  Life coaching and mental health therapy may seem similar however, they are distinctly different and a life coach should never presume to act as a therapist/counselor.  I am a licensed mental health therapist and trained to offer both services separately.