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We simply want you to feel good.

Affordable wellness coaching that improves your health and wellbeing. Your wellness coach serves as your dependable guide on your health and wellness journey.
As your wellness coach, I strive to bring forth a spirit of compassion and acceptance.  We will explore and develop your health and wellness goals.  You will feel empowered and confident while working with me.  You will feel inspired to take control of your health and wellbeing. 

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Wellness Coaching Services

Facts about Wellness Coaching

Who benefits from wellness coaching?
Types of Wellness Coaching

Remarkable health and wellness benefits

I use a holistic approach and work with your strengths to guide you toward the life you have always wanted.  I am an expert in supporting behavior change.  I focus on your unique needs to guide your plan of action.  We will discover the areas of your life that you want to change or improve, and we will work towards amplifying your strengths to support lasting change for a healthy and well balanced life.

We provide wellness coaching from the perspective of begin where you are.  Anyone can begin wellness coaching regardless of your size or starting point.  Our wellness coaching provides a non-judgmental space for you to explore how to take care of your holistic well-being without focusing on weight or weight loss. Our coaching sessions are structured to cover the following content:

  • Healthy eating and body image exploration through discussion and homework activities.
  • Examine diet culture and the dominant narrative surrounding body image and fad diets. Develop appreciation for your body, develop media knowledge (altered images), and broaden the conception of beauty to challenge negative beliefs and behaviors.
  • Learn the principles of intuitive eating.

Explore your use of alcohol, cannabis, and other drugs in a non-judgmental environment. Decide what, if any, changes to use you’d like to make.  Sometimes negative consequences occur because of misuse of alcohol and other substances.  Explore your desire to cut-back or stop all together.  As an addiction expert, I will assist you in developing healthy coping skills to maintain a life where you are engaged, satisfied, and happy.

Discuss and explore all your relationships (spouse, life partner, friendships, dating, family, workplace) including effective communication skills, healthy boundary-setting, conflict resolution, and so much more.

  • Talk about how relationships may be changing, with your spouse, family members, or other close connections.
  • We provide a supportive, non-judgmental environment so you can feel comfortable discussing challenging relationship issues.
  • Identify what a healthy relationship is and how to improve a connection.
  • Figure out what you want in a relationship and develop relationships that are fulfilling, fun, loving, and healthy.

We understand that discussing sexual concerns may be difficult for some people.  Which is why we provide a nonjudgmental, safe, and confidential environment for you to talk about areas of concern regarding sex.

Discuss sexual pleasure, intimate relationship concerns, and general sexual education.  We provide an open and caring place for you to explore your sexual concerns.  We can guide you with:

  • Clarification of your sexual needs and wants and feeling okay about them.
  • Exploring your sexual orientation or identity.
  • Communicating with your sexual partner in a loving, compassionate manner.
  • Openly discuss sex, your sexual wellness goals, and receive general sexuality education.

**(no medical advice or services provided).

Our general wellness coaching covers topics not listed above such as universal health and wellness, healthy sleep routine, self-care activities, stress management, imposter syndrome, physical health, and so much more.

Stress management coaching for wellness will help you make positive changes in your life.  Our stress management coaching will provide you with:

  • Set healthy boundaries between work and life.
  • Teach stress reduction skills and encourage you to make time for yourself.
  • Learn time management skills and techniques for doing more of what you enjoy.
  • Develop skills to renew your energy and excitement for life.

Move forward with your life and live the life of your dreams.  You can be happy and fulfilled now.  Contact us now to discover the benefits of wellness coaching.  You will gain the following and so much more.

  • Identify wellness needs and goals.
  • Explore personal motivations.
  • Spot potential obstacles and challenges.
  • Discover your capabilities and find resources.

Look forward to the benefits! During a wellness coaching session you can expect to:

Wellness Coaching Benefits

  • Examine personal values, explore your motivation for change, and discover personal growth and development.
  • Address stressors from a variety of sources, from adjusting to transitions in life, change in your relationships, or a career change. 
  • Learn new skills and healthy coping strategies such as time management, mindfulness, conversation skills, self-acceptance strategies, and intuitive eating. 
  • Set and accomplish your goals.  Achieve a dream you have been reaching for and learn creative habits for sustaining and maintaining your life.

Wellness Coaching F.A.Q.

Wellness Coaches assist and guide people in living a life filled with health and well-being. Wellness coaches form a trusting relationship with their clients.  This trusting relationship forms an environment that is a foundation for you to  begin transforming your life into the life of your dreams.  You will be encouraged to let go of outdated beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you, so you can move forward with your life.

Like an athletic coach, a wellness coach helps you to recognize and develop skills that will help you be your best in all areas of your life.  A wellness coach can see your potential and encourage you to make healthy lifestyle choices that effect your overall state of well-being.  You are unique and your wellness coach will work with your attributes and talents and aspirations.  Our goal is for you to live your dreams and to be happy now.

Both.  Don’t let distance be a barrier to you receiving our exceptional services.  In person visits can be conducted in our offices, which are near Pittsburgh Pa or Cleveland Oh.  Virtual appointments can be scheduled around your schedule and your needs.

Everyone.  We prefer to work with adults or late adolescents who are desiring a change or need instruction on living a holistic life filled with health and well-being.  With the skills and support you will receive from Sobair Wellness Coaching, you will develop a life filled with confidence, wholeness, and well-being. 


We realize that you may be questioning the benefits of wellness coaching.  We can assure you that you will experience the benefits of wellness coaching.  We strive to help you with developing skills to make positive changes, feel comfortable with life transitions, develop healthy habits, motivate and encourage you to succeed, all while developing a trusting, non-judgmental professional relationship.  We are here to support you and your goals.

Wellness coaching with Sobair LLC is not:

  • Mental health therapy. We do not provide wellness coaching for treatment of any mental health disorders including clinical depression or anxiety, unpacking family history, eating disorders, managing bipolar disorders, or other complex mental health issues.  (We offer mental health counseling so, please visit our counseling page.)
  • Nutrition counseling or meal planning.  For this type of treatment please contact a registered dietician or nutritionist.
  • Medical treatment.  “I am not a doctor.”  The staff at Sobair LLC are not medical doctors.  You are strongly advised to contact your health care provider for medical care needs.  Please see our healthcare disclaimer. 

Simply put, outcomes.  People who work with me will develop insight and understanding into why they do what they do.  Once you understand why you are doing something, you can begin to change the underlying reasons that keep you stuck.  You want to move forward and create a life filled with happiness and satisfaction.  Let me guide you through the steps needed to make positive changes in your life.


You are unique and so is your journey to ultimate well-being.  The wellness coaching you will receive is individualized for your needs.  I do not have a one-size-fits-all approach.  I see your strengths and abilities and give you the skills needed to develop trust and confidence within yourself so you can make healthy, long-lasting, positive changes that benefit you.  So, even though our methods for guiding and instructing you are individualized, you will receive exceptional attention and learn life changing skills to live the life you have always imagined.  You know the one – filled with love, happiness, confidence, excitement, enthusiasm, and growth.


If you want to be challenged and if you want results, work with me. 

A wellness coach works one-on-one with you to assist you in improving your health and wellbeing.  As your wellness coach I will help you overcome obstacles so you can maintain healthy habits for life. 

As your wellness coach and health guide, I will direct you toward

  • Finding happiness
  • Improving your healthy habits
  • Letting go of self-defeating patterns
  • Improving your resilience
  • Strengthening your self confidence
  • Improving your self-esteem

I use a holistic approach and work with your strengths to guide you toward the life you have always wanted.  I am an expert in supporting behavior change.  I focus on your unique needs to guide your plan of action.  We will discover the areas of your life that you want to change or improve, and we will work towards amplifying your strengths. 

All changes that you strive for will be beneficial and designed to support your overall health and wellbeing.  You will be given a safe, supportive space to explore your goals and discover new opportunities for growth.  All our services are centered around you and your needs.  You will achieve long lasting results that will empower you and improve your life.

— Pick a Program

Valuable Health & Wellness Programs

There are multiple ways of working with me, choose one of the following wellness coaching packages.  If you are unsure of your needs or need further information please contact me for further information. 

If you feel there’s just one concern that has you stuck and you need help figuring out a plan to move forward, then this short program comprising four sessions would be ideal.


During the first 90-minute discovery session, we will define the problem and your goal. During our next two 60-minute sessions, we will explore ways to reach the solution, while we stay true to your values. You will develop strategies to move forward and gain insight and understanding throughout your journey. Our final session is reserved for solution/goal review and direction for moving forward.


This program will leave you feeling confident and accomplished. Your investment of $540 is payable in-full upon booking your first session. Get started now.

Excellent choice!  We work together for a minimum period of 12 weeks. Meeting once a week for an hour session (virtual or in person) as well as email and text message check-in.  Each coaching session will be tailored to you.  Our programs are individualized to meet your needs and to move you forward and feeling great. The time frame for this program is important because change takes time.  You deserve to devote time to you and make yourself a priority.


This program will give you confidence and an opportunity to purse your goals with professional guidance, who has your best interest at heart.  Your investment of $1620 is payable in-full upon booking of your first session or payment arrangements may be granted. Please contact us now.

A great way to begin your wellness journey!  We work together for an 8-week period. Meeting once a week for an hour session (virtual or in person) as well as email and text message check-in.  Each coaching session will be tailored to you. 


Our Wellness Coaching Journey program focuses on building a solid foundation for health and wellness.  Learn strategies and skills to improve your self-esteem, prioritize your needs, manage your time, reduce stress or burnout, improve your sleep, and so much more.  We prioritize your self-care.  You matter and we want you to realize that you are unique and worthy of wellbeing.


This program will give you confidence and an opportunity to purse your goals with professional guidance, who has your best interest at heart.  Your investment of $1080 is payable in-full upon booking of your first session or payment arrangements may be granted. Contact us now please.

This is a fantastic way to get started on your wellness journey.  You will receive individual wellness coaching sessions based on your needs and schedule.  Each session is 45-minutes (virtual or in-person).  Your needs and goals are highlighted, and each wellness coaching session will be tailored to your immediate needs or concerns. 


This is an easy way to start your wellness journey. 


You can always upgrade to a package to receive ongoing email and text support (increased savings too). The investment of $145 per session is payable in-full upon booking.

No upcoming wellness retreats are scheduled.  Please check back periodically for special programs and retreats.

You deserve to make yourself a priority.  This intensive day of wellness coaching will leave you feeling energized and empowered.  You will work directly with me, as we utilize a number of powerful coaching techniques to reset and recharge you.  This is your day, and you may use your VIP session as you see fit.  This day is solely about you. 


We can resolve a specific issue, reach a life altering decision, or reset and recharge.  You will develop a deeper awareness of yourself and direction for your life.  You will feel uplifted and confident knowing you made yourself a priority.


Gift yourself this luxury day of insight and understanding.  We will be in a comfortable environment, with no interruption, where you can allow yourself the opportunity to unwind and focus on matters that are important to you. 


This is focused coaching that will push you to a deeper level of insight.  The environment is nonjudgmental, encouraging, and supportive.  Give yourself permission to pursue your happiness and kick-start your motivation and drive for a successful and satisfying life. 


This is an absolutely inspiring way to pursue your personal wellness goals. 


This is an eight-hour day with a catered lunch and refreshments.  You will also receive a 50-minute follow-up session, within two weeks following your VIP Day.  Your investment of $1260 is payable in-full upon booking.  Your are worth it!

The first step would be to book a complimentary introductory session either via telephone or virtually.


This introduction phone call will be about getting to know one another other, defining goals for coaching, and to see if we are a good match.  This is an opportunity to discover if we have shared alignment with what you are looking for regarding wellness coaching.


Then we will discuss a package that will be tailored to your needs.  All wellness packages are to be paid in-full prior to our first session.


We adhere to high standards and provide price transparency to reduce your uncertainty.  Our services add value to your life. 


Depending on the wellness package, time commitment will vary, however, I require that we maintain a schedule and stay connected through social channels.  This will ensure you are receiving the specialized care that you deserve from your wellness coach.  I am thrilled you made it this far and look forward to working with you on your wellness journey.