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We offer hypnosis and hypnotherapy virtually and in-person at our Pittsburgh office.  Our certified clinical hypnotherapist is accepting clients in-person and via online access.  Concierge hypnosis services are available upon request.  Learn more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy below.  You deserve to feel good so, please contact us now.


Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are effective ways to cope with stress and anxiety.  Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you gain control over behaviors you would like to change.  Hypnosis is used for weight loss, to stop smoking, improve sleep, build confidence and self-esteem, relieve stress and anxiety, and it helps with depression and other addictive behaviors.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy FAQ

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who wants to be hypnotized can be. Conversely, if you do not want to be hypnotized you will not be. Cooperation is thus crucial in the assistance of therapeutic change rather than a ‘power tool’ that the therapist possesses to make you change against your will.

How responsive you are to hypnosis and the depth of relaxation achieved is dependent on a number of factors.  Contact our expert hypnotherapist for more information.

Most modern hypnosis is accomplished by voice induction (trance state). 

Some methods might also include use of strobe lights and rotating spirals but this is often portrayed as an essential feature in television dramas. A therapist can use slower and deeper voice tones to help create a relaxed state of mind, but style might vary with some therapists using more authoritative tones if they prefer ‘command’ methods of induction.


Indirect styles help the patient feel as though they are choosing to relax, as if “allowing” the changes to take place. Command styles feel as though you are being told to relax. No magical words or spells are involved in the process. On certain occasions, and with prior permission, the use of touch can be employed where the therapist touches the patient’s hands or forehead to deepen the patient’s awareness.


Eye closure usually happens fairly soon into the induction, but individuals can be hypnotized with their eyes open. Daydreaming and a ‘TV trance’ state are examples of ‘eyes-open hypnosis.’ As part of the induction, the hypnotherapist can use ‘deepeners’ to trigger a deeper state of relaxation. This can vary from helping the patient recall ‘their’ place of relaxation to visualizing images, sounds or sensations that remind the patient of ‘letting-go.’

The hypnotic state is similiar to ‘daydreaming’ or a state of ‘inner focused awareness’ than a sleep state. A ‘trance-state’ is sometimes used but some therapists prefer to avoid this term because it tends to build a mistaken image of being ‘placed under a spell.’ Consider your awareness when being immersed in a good book or television programme when, despite some background noise, you can still hear the noise in the distance but selectively attend to the book or television. This is similar to a trance-state, but in these conditions most people would not consider themselves to be ‘under a spell.’


In hypnosis, you are able to think and hear what the therapist is saying to you. In lighter states of relaxation the patient may consider that very little has altered at all during the hypnotic induction. In deeper states it can feel like sleep, yet the patient is still fully aware of the therapist’s voice and can recall some of the suggestions used. One can be influenced by a suggestion in a fully conscious state. This is often affected by the context, timing and person suggesting it. Hypnosis facilitates the patient’s receptiveness to the suggestion with some incredible results.


The majority of patients would describe hypnosis as a pleasant experience. Some of the changes of awareness include a slowing of one’s breathing, limbs and eyelids feeling heavy and a slower, yet more intensive thought-processing. In deeper states there can be eye-closure with rapid-eye movement (REM) where the patient is involved in intense visualization (similar to being in a dream-state). Patients recall significant aspects of the relaxation yet feel in control throughout the induction. There is often a feeling of time distortion. A patient who has been in a relaxed state for thirty minutes may feel like they have only been relaxed for ten minutes.


Hypnotherapy is about empowering patients with suggestions to achieve mutually negotiated goals.

Misconceptions about hypnotherapy probably stem from stage hypnosis. From the audience’s perspective, it can look as if the volunteers are performing against their will. However, those selected to be part of the stage show are likely to be somnambulists (those who visualize so well that they have sleep-walking tendencies) and are extroverts – they love the attention of being on stage. Having granted ‘power’ over to the stage hypnotist (a mere facilitator), the audience are fooled into thinking that the chosen subjects are under his/her spell.  Suggestions need to be realistic and believable. Thus suggesting that a volunteer should go and shoot somebody would probably get a confused response but would be rejected. The subjects are under no control and are not made to do anything. 

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Questions About Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Services

All sessions, packages, and classes at Sobair LLC and Renew Hypnosis LLC will be offered in-person or via remote internet access. If accessing services via remote internet attendees must have a stable WIFI connection and a private, quiet, and comfortable place to attend the session, no public areas permitted (i.e. coffee shops, libraries, parks).


Payment for packages, sessions, and classes can be made with Venmo, PayPal, personal check with advance approval. Payment must be made in full at time of scheduling.

We adhere to high standards and provide price transparency to reduce your uncertainty.  Our services add value to your life. 


Online payment through our online scheduling system coming soon. Please contact us for further information if needed.


Our hypnotherapist is available for special events and offers classes for your group.  If your group is larger than 8 people please contact us for more information.  

Class minimum will be 4 attendees, so bring a friend!

Please contact us directly for a list of scheduled classes if not listed.

The fee for each class is $25 unless otherwise stated. 

No refunds will be issued 72 hours prior to scheduled class.  

All classes at Sobair LLC and Renew Hypnosis LLC will be offered in-person or via remote internet access.  Please note this prior to scheduling your class.

If accessing services via remote internet, attendees must have a stable WIFI connection and a private, quiet, and comfortable place to attend the session, no public areas permitted (i.e. coffee shops, libraries, parks).

Further group guidelines will be provided 72 hours prior to your class. 

Please contact us for more information if needed.

Scheduling an appointment is easy.  Please contact us directly via telephone or use our contact form and we will respond within 24 hours. Online scheduling coming soon.


Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

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Hypnosis and hypnotherapy age regression is an effective way to explore many difficulties you may be struggling with but not sure why.  Age regression is based on the idea that problems and conflicts are stored in the subconscious mind where past experiences, traumas, or memories are kept apart from the conscious mind.  Age regression therapy can assist you with physical, psychological and spiritual healing.  Please contact us now for more information and to schedule an appointment. 

Pre-Birth regression uses hypnosis and hypnotherapy to move you back through time to re-experience your existence before entrance into your body (fetus) and your experience while in the womb. Womb regression may be used as an entrance point into past life regression exploration.  A pre-birth regression session requires two appointments.  Please contact us to learn how beneficial this experience can be for you.


This is an advanced level of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  Used for internal work that enhances your personal and spiritual growth and development. This is an extremely life changing experience that addresses a variety of issues and questions that you have about yourself and your life’s path, which may include questions about relationships, health, work, spiritual growth, patterns and challenges you may be experiencing, and so much more. To schedule an appointment and find out more about our interim state spiritual sessions please contact us today.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy that is focused on your past lives.  Past life regression hypnosis moves beyond your current life awareness and guides you on a journey into a previous lifetime or a different time or place. Past Life Regression explores the concept of eternal life and soul expansion.  This type of regression suggests concepts such as reincarnation and the afterlife and that we are more than our current physical bodies.  Opens the doorway personal growth and awareness.  Regression techniques are used to release you from the past and  heal your present.  Past Life Regression offers you a new perspective on life that may offer you healing and growth.  Please contact us to schedule your Past Life Regression package.