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Breadcrumbing Exposed – Revealing Facts About Breadcrumbing

We aren’t talking about a loaf of bread, rather a frustrating trend in dating.  Breadcrumbing meaning is when someone gives you enough attention to keep you interested and coming back but has no intention of moving forward with the relationship.  Breadcrumbing is the name given when you are being led on by a romantic interest or someone you are dating.


How do I know if someone is breadcrumbing me?

You can usually tell if someone is breadcrumbing you by their behavior toward you.  Breadcrumbing is rather manipulative and is purposely used to mislead you when you are in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to be serious.  Someone who breadcrumbs will give the person who is interested in them just enough attention to keep them from moving on to another relationship. They will give their partner just enough attention to keep them interested, string them along (leave a trail of breadcrumbs), so they stay in the relationship.  This person has no intention of taking the relationship to the next level.


Breadcrumbing can look different depending on who you are in a relationship (or lack of a relationship) with.  You might have different expectations than the person you are with, which is why communicating your intentions is crucial to a healthy relationship.  The following are examples of breadcrumbing in a relationship:


  • They might text you but not see you in person
  • They may pop into your life for a moment and then disappear (ghost you), only to reappear when you have begun to lose interest
  • They might invite you to spend the night and hang out with out but insist you are not in a relationship (using you for sex or something of interest) or ready for a committed relationship
  • Simply red flag behavior that shows that they aren’t interested in a committed, monogamous relationship.
  • How do I stop someone from breadcrumbing me?

At the beginning of a relationship you may not know that you are being led on or manipulated.  As the relationship continues and you find that you are more invested than your partner, you probably are in a breadcrumb relationship. Breadcrumbing is used to purposely used to mislead you and keep you guessing in a relationship.


The only way to spot breadcrumbing is by staying aware of how your partner is behaving toward you.  Ask yourself the following:


  • Is the relationship progressing?
  • Am I getting enough attention and affection?
  • Does my partner just hang out with me and invite me over just to have sex?
  • Is your partner stating they are not in a relationship?
  • Am I on the sideline?
  • Are they interested in meeting my needs?

Simply ask yourself these questions and you should get a general feel for whether you are being bead crumbed.


How do I have a healthy relationship?

Developing a healthy relationship takes a bit of time and effort.  You must figure out what you want your relationship to look like and then go after that type of relationship.  Find a partner that cares about you and someone who wants to be your friend first, before you become intimate with them. If you are unsure about your relationship contact a relationship coach, couples counselor, or marriage counselor. A mental health therapist will be able to assist you in discovering what a fulfilling and happy relationship feels like for you.


Healthy relationships involve honesty, trust, respect, and open communication between both partners.  Healthy relationships take time to evolve and are worth the time and commitment.  Take note of the five elements of a healthy relationship:



Being aware of oneself and others is the essence of paying attention. We must be able to comprehend and validate our partner’s feelings and wants, as well as validate their efforts and intentions. We must also reduce distractions so that you can truly listen since concentrated attention makes your partner feel important. When you pay complete attention to someone, they feel appreciated, seen, and cherished.



Acceptance means being loved unconditionally for who you are, scars and all. It is about accepting your spouse for who they are, with all of their sentiments, eccentricities, and personality features. It is about respecting the individual as a whole. This allows them to feel safe enough to be themselves without fear of being criticized or falling short of your standards.



It is critical in a relationship to feel loved and valued. It’s a skill that we focus on in couple’s counseling. This includes expressing gratitude for acts of generosity and general thoughtfulness, as well as appreciating what you appreciate about a partner, particularly their abilities, talents, and skills. If you want to enhance intimacy in your relationship, you must both feel safe, accepted, and deserving – and appreciating each other is a basic, non-negotiable requirement.



We all require mental and physical care. This comprises words and actions that communicate affection and foster physical and emotional connection. Although surprising presents are always a lovely way to demonstrate thanks and care, it’s also about expressing yourself through hugs and kisses, holding hands, and having a partner that speaks up for you when you can’t. It is all about being considerate, thoughtful, and playful! Inquire with your lover about their preferred method of affection from you.



The fifth of the five As is allowing. This is all about allowing your partner to be themselves and live their lives as they like, without attempting to influence, control, or manipulate them. You establish appreciation for one other and your partnership by allowing each other space and time away to pursue interests and friendships. You’re developing trust and providing each other with the support you need to be the best versions of yourselves.


Benefits Of Couples Counseling, Marriage Counseling, and Having a Dating Coach

Sometimes you need a little help with maintaining and improving your relationships.  That’s where a couple’s counselor, marriage counselor, or relationship coach can help.  The benefits of couples counseling and marriage counseling are numerous.  Here are a few reasons for seeking out the help of a couple’s counselor, marriage counselor, or relationship coach:


  • Improves communication within the relationship.
  • Creates a safe place to talk about difficult subjects.
  • Helps build understanding, trust, and empathy in your relationships.
  • Helps to resolve conflicts and find solutions that work for both people.
  • Offers support when dealing with life challenges.
  • Can be used as a sounding board to be heard and express your thoughts.

Remember, you are worth more than mere breadcrumbs.  To learn more about how to date, improve your connection with yourself, and be in a fulfilling, healthy relationship please contact – Sobair Mental Health Counseling and Life Coaching.  We provide couple’s counseling, marriage counseling, professional relationship coaching and self-esteem counseling that will assist you in developing the relationship of your dreams.