Weight Loss Therapy
An Easy Way To Lose Weight

Weight Loss Therapy offers Proven Results for long lasting weight loss

Weight Loss Therapy.
Keep It Off. Feel Happy.

Are you ready to lose weight naturally, keep it off, and feel good while doing it?

Then let’s get started!  We specialize in weight loss therapy, weight loss coaching, and natural weight loss.  Weight loss therapy is by far an easy way to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. 


We know the struggles and concerns that many individuals have with their battle to lose weight and keep it off.  You know that this rollercoaster of lose weight/gain weight is not healthy and wreaks havoc on your physical and mental health.  We are here to assist you in gaining a new perspective about yourself and to get you started with a healthy, natural way to lose weight. 


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Are you ready to develop the skills needed to lose weight, keep it off, and feel happy?

Have you lost weight only to regain it months later?

Do you feel bad about yourself and punish yourself for your weight gain?

Have you tried restrictive and fad diets?

Are you considering gastric bypass surgery or weight loss medications?

Are you frustrated and overwhelmed with the constant media focus on weight?

Do you feel out of control with food and want to stop obsessing about it?

Are you ready to stop fad diets, end the diet roller coaster, and move forward?

Because you matter!

Weight Loss Therapy

weight loss therapy

Our weight loss therapy is centered around you and your needs.  Our goal is for you to feel mentally, emotionally, and physically balanced with regard to your weight and your beliefs surrounding food.

Your life will no longer revolve around food and self-loathing.  You will develop a new found appreciation for food and for yourself.  You will gain self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-appreciation.

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The Benefits...
Weight Loss Program

The natural weight loss approach offers benefits that include:

Increased confidence and self-esteem

More energy

Improved sleep

Clarity and focus

Joy and happiness

Self-acceptance and personal strength

Body acceptance and appreciation

You will learn how to maintain a healthy weight, one that is comfortable for you. 

You will feel good about yourself. 

You will make long-lasting changes.

You will feel healthy and balanced.

You will feel comfortable with yourself.


This will happen without weight loss pills, weight loss surgery, or fad diets.  We promote a holistic approach to weight loss.  We want you to achieve  long-lasting weight loss and feel good every step of the way!

You Will Achieve Promising Results With Our Exclusive Weight Loss Program

Extra Bonus... It Will Make You Feel Good

A simple and easy weight loss program that works

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Easy Weight Loss Plan

Our weight loss therapy is centered around you and your needs.  It is an easy way to lose weight and for you to live a healthy lifestyle. 


Our goal is for you to feel mentally, emotionally, and physically balanced with regard to your weight and your beliefs surround food.  We offer natural weight loss solutions that are focused around improving your relationship with you.

Our Exclusive Weight Loss Plan

Simply The Best Weight Loss Program

Our weight loss program will give you long lasting results that work!


Introducing our targeted weight loss plan.

Our weight loss program is simply the best weight loss program, designed to change your life, kick start your weight loss journey, and assist you with letting go of the diet culture.

Our 6-session weight loss program is designed to help adults achieve their weight loss goals with a simple and proven weight loss method. Our 6-session weight loss program is an easy to follow weight loss plan that gives you superior long-term weight loss. Specifically designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals.  


This program is an outstanding, natural way to lose weight without weight loss injections, bariatric surgery, weight loss medications, fad-diets, or excessive exercise plans.  Our weight loss plan is highly effective for long-lasting weight loss.


When was the last time you did something truly good for yourself?

Our easy to follow weight loss program uses meditation and mindfulness techniques to help you achieve superior weight loss results. During this 6-session program you will discover the underlying reasons that keep you overweight.  We will be focusing on stopping the unwanted, hurtful patterns of behavior that are keeping you from reaching your weight loss goals.  Your will…

–Stop emotional eating/ relieve stress

–Stay motivated/limit setbacks

–Stop cravings/eat healthy

–Stop overeating/emotional eating

–Stop your bad habits/boost your metabolism

–Keep the weight off

Our superior weight loss program was created by a licensed mental health therapist who specializes in eating disorders.   We encourage anyone who is struggling with their weight, accepting their size, considering weight loss surgery or weight loss medications to try our weight loss program first.


You will discover how to love and accept yourself and your size after the first session. You will learn helpful ways to challenge unwanted thoughts and feelings, and develop a healthy, loving, long-lasting relationship with food – no diet pills or surgery necessary!


You Will Obtain Superior Weight Loss Results!

Stop the endless diets.

Learn to love your size.

Feel good around food.

Eat the foods you enjoy.

Develop self-acceptance

Most importantly say goodbye to the diet culture.


Start your weight loss journey today!

This exceptional and transformative natural weight loss program will lead you toward long-lasting freedom from dieting and emotional eating. This six session weight loss package consists of six sessions developed to challenge and motivate you to reach your weight loss goals so, you can finally make peace with your size. Contact us to learn more and book your first session in this powerfully transformative weight loss series.


Upfront pricing provided with no hidden fees.

Price per package is $489.  Payment arrangements may be arranged. 

Offering in-person and virtual weight loss programs to meet your needs.

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Stop listening to the diet culture and start feeling good about your size!

The diet culture doesn’t want you to feel good about your size nor does it want you to feel happy and satisfied.  We continuously receive mass-marketed messages about how, why, and what we should and/or should not eat, look like, and feel in our food-centric, consumer focused culture.


It is understandable that so many people have a broken relationship with food and are unsure of what is healthy and what is not given the contradicting and frequently hurtful information available.  The diet culture has driven many people to believe that long-lasting weight loss is unachievable unless you follow a fad-diet or take weight loss pills or weight loss injections, or alter your body with bariatric surgery.


At Sobair, we believe in a healthy, natural approach to weight loss and well-being.  We want to help you lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, and feel good about yourself during your weight loss journey.  We are here to assist and support you toward achieving your health and wellness goals.


Weight loss counseling is ideal for people seeking a natural weight loss process.  Our weight loss therapy is centered around your needs and personal goals for weight loss.  We customize your weight loss therapy to your needs, lifestyles, and personal objectives. We also offer weight loss coaching for those who want to focus solely on weight loss and wellness.

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Simple Weight Loss Coaching & Counseling That Gets Results

We offer a comprehensive approach to weight loss that considers all aspects of your life.  We focus on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  This natural weight loss approach takes into account every aspect of your life, from health issues to ongoing stressors in your life, to past or present trauma, and helps regulate your nervous system through stress reduction and somatic techniques so that it is receptive to weight loss.


We want you to change your relationship with food.  The goal is to shift your beliefs surrounding food with evidenced-based therapy that centers around your negative beliefs and behaviors with food.  We will develop a customized treatment plan that will assist you with identifying obstacles, resistance, and roadblocks associated with your weight.  We support you and will assist you with repairing your relationship with food.


As an expert who works with eating and trauma disorders, you will resolve issues surrounding food.  You will resolve feelings of anxiety, depression, and trauma.  All the while building resilience and self-acceptance.  You will make peace with food and ultimately make peace with yourself.


Your therapy sessions will help you identify eating patterns that do not serve you, your emotional connection to food, and therapy will help you change your view on food.  You will gain a deeper understanding of why you emotionally eat, seek out comfort foods, binge eat, and mindlessly eat empty caloric foods.


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Our method of weight loss counseling is practical, holistic, supported by science that has been shown to enhance whole-body health.  Our weight loss therapy is tailored to your unique body type, way of life, needs, and personal objectives.


This all-encompassing approach takes into account every aspect of your life, from health issues to ongoing stressors in your life, to past or present trauma, and helps alleviate stress through stress reduction and somatic techniques to make you receptive to weight loss.


We do not care about fad diets or weight loss medications.  We know these things do not support long-lasting, sustained weight loss that enhances self-acceptance.  Our weight loss therapy focuses on changing your relationship with yourself and with food.  We are not offering quick fixes or gimmick diet plans.


We want you to succeed.  We have a strong commitment to lasting change.  That is why our weight loss therapy uses a holistic approach which is highly effective, adaptable, and leads to long-term weight loss and weight management success stories.


During your weight loss therapy sessions, you will identify unhealthy patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you.


  • You will learn mindfulness techniques and build awareness about your eating patterns. 
  • You will identify triggers that lead to emotional eating and binge eating.
  • You will learn stress management and relaxation techniques.
  • You will develop a healthy relationship with food and discover how beneficial food is to your health and well-being.
  • We will dig deep and explore the underlying reasons that prevent you from sustaining long-lasting results.
Are You Prepared To Leave The Diet Roller Coaster Behind And Begin Living?
Let’s get started…

We offer virtual weight loss coaching to everyone and provide weight loss therapy to residents of PA and OH.  If you’re in the Pittsburgh, PA or surrounding area we provide in-person office visits or concierge home visits for those seeking weight loss coaching or counseling (binge eating, emotional eating, eating disorders) contact us now to get started.


We offer in-person and online weight loss counseling. We accept insurance for mental health counseling services and offer affordable self-pay options.


You are personally invited to contact me via this website or at 814-201-1416 to schedule a free no-obligation call or meeting to discuss your needs and goals to determine if weight loss therapy or weight loss coaching is right for you. We are devoted to working with clients who are committed to change, seek to heal, and are ready to do the work needed to achieve their weight loss goals.


Seeking an Alternative Approach?
Hypnosis For Weight Loss

We offer a successful hypnosis for weight loss program to get you to your desired weight. 

Weight loss doesn’t have to be hard.  We all know “diets” are short-term weight loss  fads that just don’t work.  For long lasting weight loss, you must address the issues that hold your weight in place.  Hypnosis for weight loss, along with mental health counseling, is proven to keep the weight off.  You will lose weight, make lasting changes in your behavior, and live a healthy, satisfying life.  


Please contact us to discover how hypnosis for weight loss can help you lose weight and feel fantastic. It is simple and easy to get started now.