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Mental Health Counseling Wexford & EMDR Therapy Pittsburgh

Exceptional Mental Health Counseling Close To Home

EMDR Therapy Pittsburgh and Surrounding Area
Accepting new clients at our Wexford, PA location. 

We provide in-person counseling and virtual/online counseling for all ages.  We are conveniently located in Wexford, Pa and offer professional wellness services.

Day, evening, and weekend appointments available.

Our Wexford counseling location is north of Pittsburgh and is perfect for clients seeking counseling services in Pine Township, Marshal Township, and Cranberry Township.  We are located in Wexford and are near Franklin Park, Bradford Woods, Ross Township, Warrendale, McCandless Township, Sewickley, Cranberry Township, Gibsonia, Seneca Valley, Mars, and Allison Park.


Mental Health Counseling Wexford & EMDR Therapy Pittsburgh Locations

We offer virtual/online counseling for those individuals wanting mental health counseling from the comfort of their home.  Virtual/online mental health counseling is convenient for busy professionals, teens, parents with young children, or anyone desiring a more flexible mental health counseling option.

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Why seek mental health counseling?

  • To Feel Better!
  • Gain Confidence/Self-esteem
  • Deal with Trauma/EMDR Therapy
  • Assistance with Weight Loss
  • Weight Loss Therapy
  • Life Transitions
  • Grief Counseling
  • Anxiety Depression Treatment
  • Relationship Issues
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment
  • Bipolar Disorder Treatments

Benefits of Therapy

  • Discover Your Value
  • Boundary Setting
  • Stop People Pleasing
  • Improve Your Relationships (with yourself too)
  • Increase Self-esteem/Gain Confidence
  • Happiness/Improved Mood
  • Improved Outlook
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Get Unstuck

Mental Health Counseling Wexford
EMDR Therapy Pittsburgh

Discover The amazing benefits of therapy

Let Us Help You Feel Better At Our Mental Health Counseling Wexford Office Location
EMDR Therapy Pittsburgh

Mental Health Counseling is vital to your overall health.

We provide mental health counseling and wellness services for individuals through individual therapy (in-person or online counseling).  We use targeted interventions such as EMDR therapy, CBT, and DBT for the treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, mood disorders, and weight loss. 

We specialize in weight loss and provide weight loss counseling for those wanting to lose weight and who want to live a healthy lifestyle. 


All ages welcome!
Day-Evening-Weekend Appointments

We have the expertise to assist you in recovering from any significant mental health diagnosis that is troubling you regardless of your age. 

We proudly accept insurance and offer affordable self-pay options for those without insurance or for those individuals not wanting to use their insurance for mental health counseling.

If you do not require mental health counseling, please contact us regarding our personalized Wellness Coaching, Relationship Coaching, and Leadership Coaching services.


Currently accepting insurance and self-pay clients.
We offer counseling for teenagers and teen support groups

What is teen counseling and why is it important?

Children, preteens, and teenagers experience stress, depression, and anxiety just like adults.  Counseling for teenagers helps children and teenagers cope with the emotional and mental health struggles that come with puberty and peer interactions.  Despite the mental health diagnosis counseling for teenagers is beneficial.  There are many changes happening to your teen and they may need some extra support to get through this developmental stage of life. 

Mental health therapy can help your child in the following ways:

Overcome negative feelings and thoughts

Increase their self-esteem and self-worth

Gain understanding about the changes they are going through

Improve their peer-to-peer interactions

Cope with any trauma they may have experienced

Learn life skills

Learn self-appreciation and self-acceptance

Everyone can benefit from counseling (you don't need a formal diagnosis)

It’s a simple question.  Everyday life can be demanding, it can be difficult to determine what stands in the way of your happiness. Whether you’re struggling from a breakup or divorce, coping with the stress of a new job, or in need of some guidance with a big life decision, talking it out can help.

Mental Health Counseling helps everyone whether or not you have a mental health diagnosis.  Mental Health Counseling Wexford makes it easy to get started.

Offering EMDR Therapy Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

No judgment here.  We are non-biased and have your best interests in mind.  When you ask for advice from a friend or colleague, you are subjecting yourself to potential judgment, ulterior motives, and poor feedback.  Our mental health counseling provides you with honest, strength-based therapy and current techniques that put you first and foremost.  You are our top priority at our counseling Wexford location.

Offering EMDR Therapy Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

Are you tired of being cut-off and told to be quiet?  We are here to listen to you and be the sounding board you need to tackle your life’s problems.  Go ahead and vent about your struggles (we are listening), find solutions, and proudly talk about your aspirations and dreams.  Let’s explore them together at our mental health counseling Wexford office or via online counseling.  We make it easy to get started.

Offering EMDR Therapy Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

So, your life isn’t perfect.  Hey, that’s okay.  There is no need to pretend that your life is perfect.  Mental health counseling will help you explore your feelings and we guide you through your frustrations, so you can find solutions to your problems. Stuffing your emotions down is no longer allowed when you begin to work with us.  Learn how to manage your emotions and find the happiness and joy that is missing from your life.

Some people who are struggling with depressive and anxious feelings are more likely to reach for drugs or alcohol to solve their problems or numb their feelings.  Self-medicating with drugs or alcohol are extremely poor and unhealthy coping skills that tend to lead to negative consequences (loss of relationships, legal problems, loss of job).  Our mental health counseling will teach you healthy coping skills as you discover your underlying, deep-rooted issues.  We are specially trained in trauma and addiction counseling, so we got you.

Offering EMDR Therapy Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

Stop stressing! Life doesn’t have to be hard.  Talk to us and let us help you learn how to handle stress. Stress management is possible with the proper mental health counseling.  At our mental health counseling Wexford office, we will provide you with helpful and constructive ways to deal with everyday stressful situations.  We give you skills to assist you in letting go of stress, so you can live a healthy, rewarding, stress free life. 

We also offer stress management groups.  Contact us now to learn more.

Mental Health Counseling Wexford, Pa

Mental health counseling will support you throughout your life, regardless of your circumstances.  Feel more secure and understood.  Experience the benefits of having someone to talk with about your life. 

Are you dealing with a new career, new relationship, or new school?  We are here to help you as you transition through new and challenging experiences.  Let’s get started at our counseling office in Wexford, PA or online.  Both are great options!

Learn how to love yourself and develop self-acceptance.  Low self-esteem and self-doubt are not conducive to a happy life.  Gain a new perspective about life, yourself, and your surroundings.  It is time to put yourself and your needs first.  Develop an optimistic attitude and improve your self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence.  You deserve to feel good about yourself.

Contact us now to easily get started.  We welcome everyone and proudly accept insurance.

Mental Health Counseling Wexford, PA

Offering EMDR Therapy Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

Online Counseling Available

Great RESULTS with in-person or online counseling

Mental Health Counseling Wexford In-Person or Online

Accepting new clients in-person and online! 

All ages are welcome.

At our mental health counseling Wexford office, we proudly accept insurance and offer affordable self-pay options.

Individual counseling, also called psychotherapy or talk therapy, is when you work one-on-one with a licensed mental health counseling in a safe, compassionate, and confidential setting. 


Explore your feelings, behaviors, beliefs, work through difficult times, or identify aspects of your life that you would like to improve, change, or better understand.  Set personal goals and work towards making your life, the life you always dreamed of having.  A life free of past baggage and self-defeating thoughts. 


Individual counseling is focused on your immediate, past, or future concerns.  Areas to explore during counseling sessions include career counseling, grief counseling, life transitions, unresolved trauma, EMDR Therapy, distressing memories, relationship concerns, or self-exploration. 


Our Wexford counseling services are ideal for those seeking to feel better. We are compassionate and provide personalized, focused healing. 


We are specially trained to offer you personalized, strengths-based therapy, so you can overcome your obstacles and live a life filled with happiness and satisfaction. 


Email or call – we are looking forward to hear from you!


Wexford Counseling Services

Online Mental Health Counseling Wexford

For your convenience, we are pleased to offer virtual mental health counseling services.

Convenient & Easy Access

Online Wexford counseling services that are comfortable for you. Virtual mental health counseling or online counseling, offers flexibility and consistency of care. You pick the time and the place is in the comfort of your home or office.

Satisfaction & Safety

Your unique needs and preferences are our focus. Your needs are maintained throughout the therapeutic process by our safe and secure HIPA compliant video-conferencing systems.

Comfortable & Affordable

Online mental health counseling saves you time and money. When you consider in factors such as commuting, time constraints, and logistics, it makes sense to choose online mental health counseling.

Our goal is to make mental health counseling easy for you.

We offer in-person counseling and virtual/online mental health counseling. Our online Wexford counseling services are a safe and convenient option for obtaining mental health counseling at home.

Online mental health counseling is the right choice for you when you want to receive counseling services from the comfort of your home or office.  We are highly skilled licensed professional counselors who are able to meet your needs when in-person counseling is not an option.


Many people find online counseling a convenient and cost-effective alternative to face-to-face counseling.  The benefits of virtual counseling include easy access to your mental health therapist, no-commute, and no waiting rooms.  This is why online counseling can be an ideal option for remote workers, those with small children, and those who do not want to deal with traffic or poor weather conditions.

— More Ways To Start Your Happiness Journey

Concierge Counseling Pittsburgh

Concierge Counseling Pittsburgh
An excellent approach to care.

Concierge counseling is the epitome of individualized care, designed to fit your schedule and encompass your needs.  You will receive personalized care, which includes priority scheduling, flexible sessions, no hassle cancellations, and direct access to your mental health counselor via email, text, and telephone.

Concierge counseling offers you easy and direct access to your mental health counselor which means:  return calls and emails within two hours, available hours that fit your schedule (evenings and weekends included), same day or next-day appointments (via telehealth or in-person), direct access to therapist when you just need to check-in, and of course personalized quality care.

Concierge counseling offers a more personalized approach to care.  You will receive the same great service of our individualized counseling but with concierge counseling you will have added benefits.  You will receive quicker access to your therapist.  This ability to contact your therapist via email, text, and phone will assist you in developing a deeper therapeutic relationship.  Your therapist will offer you same-day appointments and be available to spend more time with you.  Your session length will be varied based on your immediate needs.  You have the option to have multiple sessions during the week and your sessions are scheduled to work within your time frames.  If appropriate, your therapist will visit you at your office.  Contact us to learn more.

Yes.  If you are looking for personalized and convenient mental health care, then concierge counseling is right for you.  We offer flexible scheduling, varied session length, easy access to your therapist, confidentiality, priority reply, extended hours, and an option for your therapist to come to you, at your office.

Concierge counseling is affordable.  There are multiple ways to pay for concierge counseling services.  Our fees are structured to work within your budget.  We charge a monthly retainer fee ($125), along with specialized pricing plans that are designed to fit your needs.  Contact us to discuss our rates and unfortunately, insurance does not cover this type of service.

Concierge counseling offers you:

  • Access your therapist via video call, text, email, or phone.
  • Freedom to contact your therapist between sessions and receive a speedy response.
  • Options for flexible scheduling, same-day appointments, in-person appointments.
  • Ability to keep your personal information completely confidential.  No insurance company involvement.
  • Option for your therapist to come to you, to meet your needs.
  • Available appointments such as weekends, evenings, early morning, and holidays.
  • Extended session length, to give you the time you need to finish a session.
  • Affordable, private, and professional services.

Concierge counseling offers many personalized benefits that include extra perks that you would not normally receive from a regularly scheduled counseling session.  Concierge counseling sessions are designed to meet your needs.  We offer customized session lengths, check-in sessions, flexibility with scheduling, added time during sessions to give you the moments needed to process your feelings. Our focus is to be a benefit to you.

Your life begins now.  Start living the life you always dreamt of living.  Begin your journey toward happiness and well-being.  Concierge counseling offers services specific to your needs.  We offer you premium services.  If you are a hard-working executive, someone in a high-profile position, in need of complete privacy, or a busy person with a family, our concierge counseling services will give you the flexibility and freedom to meet your needs.  Stop putting your happiness on hold and contact us.

Explore the Benefits of Concierge Counseling

You and your counselor will work together, as a unified force, to tackle your deepest concerns and problems. You will develop a genuine therapeutic relationship, where you and your counselor will explore your strengths and needs, so you can finally live the life of your dreams.
Concierge Counseling builds a therapeutic bond.
You may request personalized at home or private location counseling sessions. This is a convenient option that will eliminate travel to and from office visits. This personalized and private option offers you more confidentiality and peace of mind. We value your privacy. Concierge Counseling centers around YOU and your needs.
Concierge Counseling offers at-home and in-office visits.
We understand how busy you are. Finding time to meet with a counselor during work hours can be a struggle. Concierge counseling clients benefit from extended hours of operation and weekend appointments. You will also enjoy priority appointment scheduling during peak hours.
Concierge Counseling works around your schedule.
Anytime, anywhere, you will have a trusted professional available to speak with when something unexpected occurs. Concierge clients can contact their therapists online, via text messaging, or online video conferencing. This exclusive service is offered to those who want flexible, convenient, and expedited services.
Concierge Counseling - Becuase You Matter!

Choose to be happy!

Complete the contact form to find out more.

Call us at 814-201-1416 or fill out the contact form to get started on your wellness journey.


You matter!  We believe you matter and we want you to believe it too.  Live your life happy!  Contact us to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our exceptional services.


Mental Health Counseling Wexford.  Serving the greater Pittsburgh area and surrounding communities.

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    Mental Health Counseling Wexford - Therapy Session Price Guide

    “My peace of mind is worth it, because I matter.”

    We offer exceptional mental health counseling and wellness services, which is why we provide price transparency.  This is to reduce your uncertainty, because we believe our services will add value to your life. 


    Wexford Counseling Services

    We think counseling should be affordable to everyone.  Which is why we provide affordable self-pay options to get you started on your wellness journey.  The fee for an individual mental health counseling session follows:

    • For individuals without mental health insurance:  $70 per session
    • For individuals who have insurance but who prefer self-pay:  $90 per session
    • For those requesting adjunct therapy:  $90 per session

    Payment is required prior to each appointment and can be made with a credit/debit card.  Call now for an appointment.

    Mental Health Counseling Wexford, PA

    We accept medical insurance for mental health counseling services. Please call to schedule an appointment.

    We currently are in network with most major insurance companies.  Please call us to get started.


    Mental Health Counseling Wexford, PA

    The fee for concierge counseling is $250 per session.  An additional monthly retainer fee of $199 is required. Please contact us for further information.

    Our cancellation policy is straightforward.  We value your time and we want you to value ours.  We require at least 24 hours notification if you are unable to keep an appointment. If you cannot provide a 24 hour notice, you will be charged a $75 missed session fee.  You will be provided a copy of the complete cancellation policy at your initial visit.


    Mental Health Counseling Wexford, PA


    We accept most major insurances for mental health counseling services. 

    You may request a monthly invoice if you would like to directly submit for reimbursement from your insurance company.

    It is recommended that you contact your insurance company prior to your first appointment to inquire about your coverage. Recommended questions to ask your insurance company are listed below. 

    • Do I have mental health benefits?

    • Do I have out-of-network benefits for outpatient therapy? Does this include telehealth?

    • Do I have a deductible that I have to meet before being eligible for reimbursement?

    • How much will I be reimbursed for each appointment?

    • Are there limits to how many sessions I can be reimbursed for in a calendar year?

    • What steps do I need to take to apply for reimbursement?

    Please be advised that if you are out-of-network, there is no guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse you, but we will make every effort to help you obtain reimbursement. 

    Also, as a more convenient option for mental health counseling we accept self-pay clients and offer affordable self-pay options.


    Mental Health Counseling Wexford, PA

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