Benefits of Age Regression Therapy 

Age regression therapy is used in hypnotherapy and psychology to help individuals with current life difficulties and to help them get unstuck.  Age regression therapy is a form of therapy that encourages an individual to use their powerful mind to access suppressed memories from an earlier age or time in their life.  Age regression therapy has been used by many famous psychiatrists and psychotherapists to address a variety of problems. 


Age regression therapy can be performed by a certified hypnotherapist.  The hypnotherapist places an individual into a trance-like state for the purpose of exploring childhood memories, relive stress, or access suppressed memories, or to gain insight into aspects of your personality.  Age regression therapy, when performed by a licensed mental health clinician can be very beneficial. 


Age regression as a therapeutic technique that can assist an individual to move through trauma or through “stuck feelings”.  The age regression hypnotherapist will guide you to look back through your childhood memories to find stressful, triggering, or traumatic events that are affecting your present-day life.  The hypnotherapist will use hypnosis to take you back to an age that was significant so you can identify what is troubling you and heal past experiences.   


During your hypnosis session, you will explore memories from a younger age and explore events and circumstances that may surface during your session.  Your hypnotherapist will help you make sense of your emotions and memories.  The ultimate benefit of age regression therapy is to free yourself from the past so, the past no longer affects your present life. 


Individuals may want to undergo age regression therapy if they are struggling with the following: 

  • Guilt feelings that are not related to present life circumstances. 
  • Having problems becoming intimate or emotionally connecting with others. 
  • Relationship problems. 
  • Exploring unidentified fears and anxiety. 
  • To find clarity. 
  • Inappropriate fear, anxiety, flashbacks, or panic attacks. 
Age Regression Therapy Is Safe and Effective

Age regression therapy is safe when done with a trained mental health therapist or hypnotherapist.  Utilizing age regression with a trained mental health therapist is crucial for cases when suppressed memories and emotions may arise.  The trained therapist will help you explore and make sense of what you are experiencing.  To talk to an age regression mental health therapist please contact Sobair Professional Counseling & Coaching for further information.   

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