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What is EMDR Therapy?

We are trusted experts in EMDR Therapy and EMDR Intensive Therapy. 
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EMDR therapy & EMDR Intensives are proven methods of healing, that offer astonishingly faster results than typical talk therapy. EMDR therapy is called eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, and is used to treat mental health disorders brought on by past or present memories of traumatic experiences.


EMDR Therapy is a highly effective treatment for many mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, addiction, but it is best known for its involvement in the management of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

EMDR’s goal is to help you heal from trauma or other distressing life experiences.

We offer EMDR Therapy in a traditional counseling session and we proudly offer EMDR Intensives for those who want profound healing in ways that are simply not possible with weekly counseling.

EMDR Therapy FAQ
Maximum Results in minimal time

What is EMDR Intensive Therapy?

Extended EMDR therapy sessions known as “EMDR Intensives” are designed to boost the effectiveness of mental health treatment.  EMDR Intensives offer you the potential of seeing faster healing than with regular weekly EMDR therapy.  This is an incredible method of therapy that allows for significant healing in ways that just aren’t possible with weekly therapy sessions.

You can complete months of therapy in only a few days thanks to EMDR Intensives. Your EMDR therapist gives you individualized support that targets your specific mental health and wellness goals.


EMDR Therapy Pittsburgh Intensives

EMDR Intensives FAQ
What Are the Differences Between Weekly EMDR Sessions & EMDR Intensives?
The main distinction is that EMDR intensive therapy allows for lengthier sessions (90 minutes to three hours) than the conventional model of one hour, once a week EMDR sessions. The extended sessions enable the work you perform with your EMDR therapist to progress more quickly.
Compared to three 1-hour sessions spaced a week apart, a single 3-hour session will yield faster effects.
EMDR intensives concentrate on thoroughly examining a single issue or traumatic memory in order to find a solution and eliminate it from your present-day life.  EMDR Intensives quickly provide targeted results to move you forward and get you “unstuck” fast.
A half-day intensive is the same as receiving therapy for MONTHS. With just 3–12 EMDR Intensive sessions, the majority of our clients achieve their objectives. According to research, persons who participate in EMDR Intensives require less total therapy to achieve their objectives. EMDR Intensives provide fast, proven results for many individuals seeking EMDR therapy.


Let’s Get Started

EMDR Therapy

EMDR Therapy for targeted results

EMDR therapy is proven treatment for PTSD and other trauma disorders. EMDR therapy is used to treat depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues and many others.

EMDR Intensives

EMDR therapy for targeted results. All the benefits of EMDR therapy for those needing fast results. EMDR intensives are centered around your needs and structured for maximum healing in the shortest period of time.

Specializing in EMDR Therapy

EMDRIA therapists. We believe in the powerful healing that comes with EMDR therapy. You will achieve long-lasting results and unlimited benefits.

Weekly EMDR
Weekly EMDR Therapy -Free Yourself From Negative Emotions, Feelings, And Behaviors

This is not your average treatment.  We are passionate about EMDR therapy because we have seen the profound results that EMDR Therapy offers. If you are ready to ‘get unstuck’ and move forward with your life then please contact us to determine if EMDR therapy is the best treatment approach for you.

We know your busy.  That is why we offer flexible scheduling to suit your needs.  We have day, evening, and weekend appointments available in person and online.  Contact us now to schedule your appointment.

EMDR therapy sessions are priced per session or you may purchase an EMDR Intensive package.  EMDR therapy weekly sessions are covered under most insurance plans.  We accept many area insurance plans and offer affordable self-pay options. Don’t hesitate, give us a call to find out about this life changing therapy.

Therapy is self-directed and we work with your specific goals and objectives.  You may work on one or many objectives at a time and you can switch your focus each week as necessary.  Contact us to schedule an appointment.

EMDR therapy works best if it is done on a consistent basis.  Weekly EMDR sessions or EMDR Intensives are the best options for optimal results.  Please contact us now to get started.  Simple, easy, and effective.

Intensive EMDR
EMDR Intensives-Focused Therapy That Provides Outstanding Results

EMDR Intensive Therapy offers you the opportunity to shorten your therapeutic experience and progress quickly. EMDR intensives are highly structured sessions, occurring for 2-4 hours per day over the course of 1-5 days. This structure allows you to focus solely on healing, growth, and finding long-lasting improvement.

We know your busy.  That is why we offer EMDR Intensives. We offer daytime, evening, and weekend availability. Intensive clients enjoy priority scheduling and access to select scheduling spots.  Please contact us now to get started.

Therapy is an investment in yourself.  We offer several packages that will suit your needs.


Every package includes the following:


  • 30-minute initial consult video/telephone call (Free)
  • 90-minute assessment/interview and review of materials (virtual or in-person) ($155 – billed separately)
  • A customized treatment program with targeted treatment goals
  • One 50-minute post-intensive session (optional with package)
Choose your package-

Single Extended EMDR Intensive Session

You will receive a 2-hour EMDR Intensive session

Weekday: $379

Weekend: $479


One-day EMDR Intensive:

  • 4-hour session (includes break)
  • 50-minute post-intensive therapy session (optional)

Weekday:  $775

Weekend:  $975


Two-day EMDR Intensive:

You will receive two half-day EMDR-Intensives in the same week based upon your schedule.

  • 4-hour session each day (includes break/total of 8 hours)
  • 50-minute post-intensive therapy session (optional)

Weekday:  $1549

Weekend:  $1949


At Home Two-Session EMDR Intensive

For those desiring comfort, ease, and peace of mind.  Your EMDR therapist will come to your home and provide EMDR Intensives around your schedule in the comfort of your own home.  This is a perfect option for busy professionals or for anyone wanting easy access to EMDR therapy.  Scheduling based upon your needs.  You must live within 40 miles of the Pittsburgh office location. 

  • One-day EMDR Intensive: $2195
  • Two-day EMDR Intensive: $3149

Traveler EMDR Intensive

For those traveling to the Pittsburgh area, we offer Traveler EMDR Intensives at a discounted rate.


Option 1

One-day EMDR Intensive session at our Pittsburgh office.

Weekday:  $697

Weekend:  $879


Option 2

One-day EMDR Intensive session at your hotel.  Please note your hotel must offer a private meeting room.

Weekday:  $897

Weekend:  $1079


Option 3

Two-day EMDR Intensive session at our Pittsburgh office.

Weekday:  $1395

Weekend:  $1755


Option 4

Two-day EMDR Intensive session at your hotel.  Please note your hotel must offer a private meeting room.

Weekday:  $1595

Weekend:  $1955


Traveler rates apply only for individuals who live 75 miles or more from our Pittsburgh office location.


** EMDR-Intensives weekend schedule are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, in the same weekend.

EMDR Intensives are focused and target one specific goal for therapy.  This is a highly customized treatment in which your EMDR therapist will work closely with you to ensure maximum healing.  Please don’t wait.  Let’s begin the healing process, contact us now.

Sobair offers EMDR Intensives in 2-4 hour increments for a one-day work shop or longer if you prefer a weekend retreat. 


EMDR Intensives resolve symptoms faster than with weekly EMDR therapy.  Most EMDR clients who utilize EMDR Intensives will typically meet their therapy goals with only 3-12 EMDR Intensive sessions.  Please contact us now to discover the healing benefits of EMDR Intensive Therapy.


Exceptional Results for a fulfilled life


EMDR Intensive FAQ

Accelerate your healing process and enjoy the many benefits of EMDR Intensive Therapy. EMDR Intensives offer you faster healing in a shorter amount of time. While therapy is typically provided in weekly one-hour sessions, EMDR intensives are extremely focused sessions that last 2-4 hours per day for 1-5 days. You are able to concentrate entirely on recovery, development, and long-lasting improvement with the help of this structure. Discover the beneficial healing that only comes with EMDR Intensives and EMDR therapy.

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EMDR Therapy FAQ

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is used to deal with upsetting or traumatic memories. Negative emotions, feelings, and behaviors are generally caused by unprocessed or unresolved earlier experiences. The failure of your memory to appropriately remember upsetting life events is the cause of many psychological issues. These experiences are said to be blocked or unprocessed and require assistance to do so. One method of unblocking these distressing memories is through EMDR therapy.


Meet Your EMDRIA Therapist

Using EMDR treatment to support a person’s ability to heal themselves is my passion. EMDR therapy and EMDR Intensives are a great option for accelerated healing. 


I’ve experienced amazing healing and transformation as a result of EMDR therapy, and I’m excited to offer this powerful tool to clients who are ready to work toward a symptom-free life. EMDR therapy will significantly change your life.  Stop putting your healing on-hold, move forward and start living the life of your dreams.

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