Powerful Ways To Meditate

Most people are wondering how do I meditate.  Meditation is about reducing stress and increasing your sense of calmness and clarity to promote happiness and joy. Meditation is simple to do and easy to learn. Take a deep breath and relax. Let’s get started and learn more about meditation. Meditation is about being mindful and stopping thought. It isn’t about emptying your head of thoughts either. Instead, practice of meditation consists of paying attention to the present moment, especially to your thoughts, the stopping of thought, your emotions, and bodily sensations. It is about noticing what is happening.

How To Meditate

First, find a comfortable spot that is free of distractions. Setting aside time for routine mediation begins with having a spot that is comfortable and free of disruptions from the telephone and television. A comfortable, quiet place is important to establishing a meditation routine. You could have calm music or relaxing music playing in the background or complete silence.


You can meditate alone or with a guide. Guided meditation will assist you with instructions and assist you in bringing yourself back to the present moment. You can use an audible guided meditation or an in-person instructor, either will do until you become trained enough to focus on your own. It is inevitable that you will gain clarity and understanding the more you continue to meditate.


Secondly, it is normal and okay for your mind to wander. You will notice certain sounds or thoughts that seem to happen and that is okay. You may notice bodily sensations and you may begin to think thoughts that are negative in nature. When you notice these intrusive thoughts, acknowledge them, and then return to the present, without judging yourself. We all get distracted. It ‘s about noticing the distraction, catching it, so it doesn’t get a hold of you. Just bring your attention back to your breath and still and quiet your mind. If it wanders again, bring it back again to the present, and again, and again, until you get use to the practice of mediating.


However, if you find that you are becoming distracted more and more, then stop and resume mediating the next scheduled time. If you force meditation it takes the joy and benefit out of it, so don’t force it. Meditation is fun and no resistance should be felt when performing mediation. Keep it simple, relaxed, and enjoyable.


Thirdly, throughout your meditation, focus your attention on your body and the sensations it is experiencing. Notice your body from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes. Scan your body for tension and relaxation. Give the tense areas permission to relax and remain in a clam and peaceful state of mind. Meditation brings you back to the present moment and gives you the tools you need to feel less stressed, kind, calm, and relaxed.


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