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Promising Healthy Relationship Tips That Will Work

A healthy relationship will improve and fulfill your life. A healthy relationship benefits your marriage or partner relationship in many ways. No matter what type of relationship you are in, a positive relationship is important to your overall well-being. Discover how to develop healthy and happy relationships with the people that you love.  The following tips for a healthy relationship will help you build and strengthen healthy relationships.  These relationship tips will help you keep a romantic relationship strong, repair a relationship, and teach you how to stay connected to the people that matter in your life.


Building A Healthy Relationship Tips For Success

Your relationships are unique and they need individualized care and attention.  The following relationship tips can assist you with developing a meaningful relationship with the people you love and admire.  A healthy relationship involves honestly, trust, respect, and open communication.  These are simple, yet multifaceted characteristics that support a positive relationship.


Components Of Positive Relationship – Tips That Work

A healthy relationship means that both people involved are:


Respectful:  you value one another as you are.  You respect the boundaries set by your partner and that includes emotional, sexual, and digital boundaries.  If you do not respect your partner’s boundaries then that needs to be talked about immediately before resentments develop. Positive relationships are supported with boundaries.


Communicating with one another:  you talk openly about concerns, problems, and listen to each other, talk to one another, and respect one another. Communication is the main factor in developing a great relationship with anyone.


Trusting:  trust is essential to a healthy relationship.  Being open and truthful with one another is important.  You should never have to prove your trustworthiness to anyone, as long as you are honest and truthful with yourself and not keeping hurtful secrets.


Honesty:  it is okay to keep some things private but you must be honest, open, and forthcoming with concerns or problems that may negatively impact your relationships. A positive relationship is built on mutual trust and understanding.


Be okay with being alone:  being in a relationship doesn’t mean you must be in contact with your partner constantly.  A positive relationship develops when you enjoy spending time together and also apart.  Develop interests outside of your partner relationship that are meaningful to you.


Equality:  make decisions when you are in a relationship together and hold each other accountable for your/their part in the relationship.  A healthy relationship is not one sided and is not demanding or pressuring.


Mutual sexual choices:  openly talk about sex and your sexual relationship.  Learn which sexual choices/acts are acceptable and what is not.  Discuss what it means to have a healthy sexual relationship. A healthy sex life is important to a healthy partner relationship. 


What is An Unhealthy Relationship?

Now that you know some of the components for a healthy relationship, let’s look at the signs of an unhealthy relationship. You may be in an unhealthy relationship if you or your partner is:


Disrespectful:  if you or your partner are not respectful or considerate of the other’s feelings or personal boundaries then you might be in an unhealthy relationship.


Not talking to one another:  if you are not talking about what concerns you or are arguing a lot then this is a sign that you need to improve your communication skills.


Not trusting one another:  no one is entailed to invade your privacy nor disrupt your boundaries.


Dishonesty:  this comes back to trust and open communication, so do not be dishonest.


Too controlling:  if you or your partner are attempting to control the relationship or how the other person behaves, thinks, talks, etc.  then you are in an unhealthy relationship.


Don’t pressure someone into sexual activity:  you should never feel obligated or pressured into any form of sex with your partner. This is a sign of an unhealthy relationship.


Take Away Points

It is important for you to be aware of whether or not you are in a healthy relationship.  Be proactive and take care of yourself.  Develop a loving supporting marriage that consists of love, compassion, respect, and happiness.  If you need outside help for improving your relationship or learning more about the skills needed to ensure a happy marriage or partnership, then reach out to a mental health therapist who specializes in healthy relationships. Contact for more information and to begin relationship coaching or relationship counseling from a professional mental health therapist.

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