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Startling Results With Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for weight loss provides an edge over most other weight loss methods.  Forget about weight loss medications or weight loss surgery and get to the core reasons for your weight issues.  Weight loss through hypnotherapy is a simple approach to long-lasting weight loss results.  Contact Sobair Mental Health & Wellness Center to get started now.


Sure, you’ve probably seen things on TV where hypnosis makes people bark like a dog or do a bunch of embarrassing stuff, at the mercy of the hypnotist.  This is not what hypnotherapy is at all.  Hypnotherapy is different from hypnosis.  Clinical hypnosis, the kind facilitated by a licensed professional therapist can help you change your lifestyle for the better.


How does clinical hypnosis work, anyway?

There can be a lot to consider while attempting to make a significant change in one’s life, such as conquering obesity. For instance, what foods to consume, how to exercise, and where to exercise should all be taken into consideration. Having these fears or uncertainties could drastically hamper your success at long-term weight loss.


So, what a clinical hypnotherapist will do is guide their client into a relaxed state using a number of techniques that vary from deep breathing to visualization.  It is safe.  Once relaxed the hypnotherapist will assist you with getting in touch with your desires for change.


Since the subconscious brain is largely influenced by habits, during hypnosis that is the part of the brain that is tapped into so, we can motivate the brain to make changes.  Weight loss and long-term weight management require you to change habits and behaviors.  Hypnosis is used to assist with behavior changes.  By targeting the subconscious and getting to the reasons why you are stuck or suggesting ways to get you to move forward.


Weight Loss Happens Fast

There is no quick-fix or magic pill for immediate weight loss.  Successful long-term weight management takes time.  How many times have you tried the latest fad diet or thought about permanently modifying your body through weight loss surgery.  Those methods might give you a few months of weight loss but rarely lead to long term successful weight management.


The key reason hypnotherapy for weight loss works is that it figures out what is keeping you stuck in the diet rut.  Hypnotherapy for weight loss will assist you discovering why you are having a roller coaster ride with your weight. Weight loss can happen once you “get unstuck” and modify your behaviors and beliefs around food and your body. 


So, stop the cycle of self-blame and shame and finally get to the core reasons that are preventing you from losing weight and keeping it off.  Hypnotherapy will you change unwanted patterns of behaviors and self-defeating beliefs into positive beliefs and long-term weight loss success.


Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Gives You Amazing Results

Weight loss through hypnosis with a hypnotherapist is safe and simple.  For most people there are no negative side effects.  However, if you do have certain psychiatric disorders then hypnosis for weight loss may not be for you.  Your hypnotherapist will be able to decide if hypnotherapy is right for you.


Research proves positive and boasts the benefits of hypnotherapy for weight loss. Weight loss studies have shown that patients who received stress reduction hypnotherapy lost more weight than a group that only received dietary advice.  Please note, hypnotherapy alone will assist you along your weight loss journey but you must do more such as modify your behavior, poor habits, and move around.  If you plan on being a coach potato then you might not see good results. 


Considering Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss?

Start today with Sobair Mental Health Counseling and Wellness.  We are licensed therapists and certified hypnotherapists.  You will achieve beneficial results when you chose a trusted, expert hypnotherapist.

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