Lose Weight With The New GOLO Diet

GOLO weight loss is the newest trend in diets.  The news is that you can lose weight fast with the GOLO diet compared with other weight loss diets.  There are many diets to choose from and the GOLO diet is one that is gaining a lot of popularity.  Why is that and does the diet actually give you the results that it promises?


The GOLO diet is a specific diet plan unlike other diets such as the keto diet or Mediterranean diet.  The GOLO diet uses supplements that are supplied from GOLO LLC, which is the company that created this diet.  The concept of this diet is to take supplements, which are designed to help you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism.  The program is designed for short term use with weight loss programs ranging from 30-90 days. 


How Does the GOLO Diet Work?


The claim of GOLO is if you use their weight loss supplement your metabolism will speed up resulting in fat loss.  The program doesn’t claim to be a “diet”, instead it simply claims that if you take their pill, which regulates insulin, your body will lose weight.  You don’t have to count calories or restrict your eating, however, they do recommend eating some foods over others.


There are no long term research studies that show that this GOLO diet for weight loss works.  People who want to follow the GOLO diet receive a booklet that describes the metabolic program.  The program suggests that you consume between 1300-1800 calories a day and after each meal, take the GOLO pill.  The program encourages 15 minutes a day of exercise and encourages fruits and vegetable consumption.


Is The GOLO Diet Safe?


The GOLO diet generally claims the same thing as every other diet program claims.  Restrict your calories and eat healthy low calorie foods and exercise.  The GOLO diet also wants you to purchase their diet supplement capsule which contains minerals and ingredients that are generally recognized safe by the Food and Drug Administration.  The GOLO capsule contains the following ingredients:


  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Chromium
  • Rhodiola extract
  • Inositol
  • Berberine extract
  • Gardenia extract
  • Banaba extract
  • Salacia extract
  • Apple extract


Most nutritionists will state that the ingredients listed above do not do anything special for stimulating weight loss, but more scientific research is needed.


Always check with your medical provider before starting a weight loss program, especially one that requires you to use a supplement.  Be cautious, since supplements are not approved by the FDA and the ingredients in the pills could interact negatively with other medications you are taking or could cause unwanted side effects.  Talk to your doctor or pharmacists to be sure that what you are taking is safe.


Is the GOLO diet Expensive?


The program is free but you do have to purchase the Release supplements to gain access to the details of the eating plan.  The average price for a bottle of capsules is around $50 for a month’s supply.


What are the health benefits of the GOLO diet?


That remains to be determined.  Anyone following a low calorie, healthy diet while adding exercise will see benefits in their overall well-being.  However, long term studies regarding the addition of a supplement is needed to confirm the long lasting benefits that this diet program is claiming.  In general, anyone who limits their caloric intake, exercises, and eliminates empty calories associated with sweets or processed foods is bound to lose weight.


The Best Way To Lose Weight 


Anyone consuming 1300-1800 calories a day will lose weight, regardless of the diet or supplement they are trying to adhere to.  There is no scientific research asserting actual benefits or long term benefits of adding a GALO capsule to your diet, will increase your metabolism and cause you to lose weight. Unfortunately, this product, as with so many others, is buyer beware.


There is not a magical pill or weight loss injection that will take the weight off fast.  Weight loss is about changing your behaviors and your thoughts surrounding food and exercise.  If you want to lose weight safely, without medication or surgery, then weight loss with hypnosis is the way to go.  Hypnosis for weight loss is safe, noninvasive, and actually works.


When you use hypnosis for weight loss, you will lose weight without the addition of weight loss medication or weight loss supplements.  Sobair Professional Counseling and Life Coaching offers an excellent hypnosis for weight loss program that is designed to keep the weight off.  The weight loss program is six weeks in length and you will achieve long lasting sustainable weight loss results.


The hypnosis program is designed to educate you on long lasting sustainable weight loss while providing you with weight loss tips, healthy eating for weight loss, and ways to combat emotional and stress eating.  The program is simple and straightforward with no hidden gimmicks.  The information is presented by a licensed mental health counselor who specializes in weight loss.  


Superior Weight Loss Program


Please contact Sobair to find out more about the superior weight loss results you will achieve by incorporating hypnosis for weight loss into your life.  The program is designed to give you long lasting results.  Simple, safe, and effective!  Please contact us now to get started on your weight loss journey.  

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