Happiness Is A Choice So Focus on Genuine Happiness

Live a happy life.  Begin focusing your attention on genuine happiness since happiness is a choice. Discover how good your life can be. 


So, what is happiness?  If you look at the definition of happiness it states that happiness is the state of being happy.  So, what does happiness mean?  Happy is the feeling or showing pleasure or contentment and feeling delighted, pleased, or glad.  Seems straightforward and simple, however most people are unable to feel happiness and are constantly seeking the pursuit of happiness or wanting to be happier.  So, let’s explore the pursuit of happiness and discover ways to become happier.


Be Happy

A happy person tends to have a good quality of life and seems to be optimistic.  A happy person knows that happiness doesn’t just happen.  They make themselves happy by surrounding themselves with happy people and things that make them feel good.  So, the things you can do to improve how you feel, and amp up your feelings of happiness can easily be achieved by incorporating some of the below suggestions.


There are many ways to feel happier and if you add some of the following into your daily routine, you will find your level of happiness increasing every day.  Happiness is a choice and a state of being that takes conscious effort to maintain.  Don’t let the negative situations that happen throughout life constantly weigh you down.  Get up and start improving your life.


The Happiness Advantage

First, rewrite your story.  You know the same story you tell yourself every day.  The way you talk to yourself shapes your life.  Your inner voice may be your biggest critic.  The way to rewrite your story is through the process of editing your story.  Begin to change your perceptions of yourself and start challenging the negative thoughts that come to mind.  Are you really what your thoughts keep telling you are?


The Art of Happiness

In the Rewrite Your Story exercise, follow these steps:


Write a short story about your life.  What are you struggling with right now?  Are you having relationship problems or money problems? (This doesn’t have to be a novel.  A few sentences or paragraphs is sufficient.)


Next, write your story from the viewpoint of your close friend or someone you love in your life.  Would they be as critical?  Would the story be filled with love and happiness?  Would the story be compassionate and kind?  Write happy words about a happy person.


Which story sounds better to you?  The idea of this exercise is for you to come to terms with who you really are.  Stop telling yourself you’re a failure, you’re no good, you’re this or that.  Start to become kind, caring, compassionate, and comfortable with yourself.  You deserve to be happy so start treating yourself with love and happiness.


Move Me To Happiness

Another great way to get the happiness juices to flow is to start moving.  Get up and move.  Any movement is better than no movement.  Your body was designed to move, and movement is good for your health and happiness.  Go for a gentle walk sometime during the day.  At first, keep it simple until you start feeling better, then keep moving further and further.  Your happiness level will gradually increase overtime. Also, don’t forget to meditate too.


Remember happiness is a choice. Tell yourself “I am happy” and start noticing how happiness feels.  Think positive, uplifting thoughts and surround yourself with positive, happy people.  The more you are around love and happiness and happy people, the happier you will become.  Being happy is infectious and fun.  Do you want to feel good?  Choose a happy life.  To learn more about contact Sobair Professional Counseling and Coaching.

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